The Khaz Modan Expedition Group dedicates themselves to exploration, trading and storytelling. They travel the width of Azeroth far and wide to discover new points of interest, new story's and new friends.

Unlike the Explorer's League they are more interested in writing travel guides for the public and compiling a complete set of story's for each region far dating any others.


The Khaz Modan Expedition Group is very young compaired to most of the establishments based in Azeroth but does not lack in the high expectations the group wishes to uphold. It was formed mainly to preserve the wonderous landmarks around the Khaz Modan area in the Eastern Kingdoms and compile a sort of "Tour" guide for wondering travellers to see these places themselves.

After the Catacysm many areas around the world were either damaged or completely changed forever, some for good and many for ill. Not many parts around the Khaz Modan area had been affected but no one was going to take any chances. A commision was ordered to create a group who would travel to these landmarks around the regions and compile useful information and history about the place they visit.

Expedition Ranks and TitlesEdit

The structure of the group is rather loose as each member is treated more like a close friend than a rank. However such things also require paperwork and organizing therefore ranks have been created.


Pathfinder - The novice title given to new members of the group. Once they have passed the stage one field exam they will become a full member of the group in a special ceremony.

Explorer - The full member title for group member who have passed their stage one field exam. They are free to explore the world and report back to the Master Explorers. To progress to become a Master Explorer the explorer is required to take the Stage two field exam and pass a couple of pratical tests as well.

Master Explorer - The Master Explorer is an experianced memeber who is given more independant roles and privliges. Explorers report to them their findings as well as checking there authentic accounts and the guides are free from errors or mislead information. To progress to the final rank they must complete the Stage Three Field exam and a few pratcial tests too.

Grand Master Explorer - The Grand Master is an adapt expert in all things within the group as well as Dwarven lore and many other things. Their knowledge is respected and as such only a chosen few ever reach this rank. The only rank above this can only ever be given to one person at a time in which they are also elcected in.

Grand High Loremaster - The leader of the group. Whatever they say goes and all arguments are settled finally by them. Only the wisest and greatest of people are elected to this title which they can only hold for a certain ammount of years.

Guild Roles & TitlesEdit

Quastermaster - This role is given to only one full member and it is their job to make sure each expidition has the correct supplys in which to travel. They are also responsible for buying and selling equipment, travel means and various other items which are required.

Navigator - This title is given to group members who compelte the navigation exam to prove they can navigate on their own and the perals in the world. They are award a certificate as well as a Silver Compass watch upon passing.

Cheif Navigator - This role is head of the navigators and conducts lessons as well as the exams. Upon passing the Navigation Stage two exam they are awarded a Golden Compass.

Historian -

Head Historian -

Lorekeeper -

Master Lorekeeper -

Travelmaster - This role is given to only one full member who is responsible for the upkeep in the transport of the Explorers. They are adept in care and health of animals and mounts, mechanical skills to fix more modern forms of transport and knowledge of all routes if a taxi is required.

Class I & II - Before a member takes the field exams they must prove themselfs able and experianced to take the exam. Each member has a logbook in which they must complete a set ammount of tasks and trails. Each task details what they need to do and how to complete it. Only the Master Explorers can sign off completed tasks and award class badges.

Exams & LogbookEdit

Exams are the key for members to not only recive a better title but to also prove their worth and their mind also. The logbooks on the other hand are used to track a members progress towards their exams and other goals in which they wish to achive.


The logbook contains many tasks and goal which the member has to complete. The following is an example of becoming a full explorer

Assignment 1 -
  • Attend a gathering.
  • Explain to your Grand Master what the roles in the group are.
  • Explain to your Grand Master the history of the group and what the groups goals are.
  • Write a small essay about why you wish to become an Explorer.
  • Visit a famous landmark and take a picture and a short history of the area.
Upon completion the Pathfinder may take the Stage One Exam.

The logbook is also used for members who wish to specilise in a particular field. Currently there are three in which a member can train in.

  • Navigation - Specialise in travel and navigation.
  • Historian - Specialise in the keeping and finding of history.
  • Lorekeeper - Specialise in the telling and finding of tales and ledgends.

Grand Master Explorer's are the main tutors and are the only ones who can sign off each assginment.


Classes are almost like halfway points to gaining the next rank. Members must be at least First Class before taking the Staged field exams and trials.

Example: Explorer Jimbob is currently an Explorer Second Class. To allow him to take his Stage Two field exam he needs to become a Explorer First Class by completing the assignments in the logbook.

Staged Field ExamsEdit

The stages field exams are used to determine if a member has the skill and knowledge to progress their rank and stature. There are three stages of exams and each one become more difficult for the entrant. Exams are carried out by the Grand Masters and must be completed by the entrant on their own. Upon passing the entrances will recive a ceremoney to celebrate their success and to present their new rank.

Current StatusEdit

At present the guild is open but only three openings are vacant. The guild at present wish to build up slowly and bring all the memebers of the group up to speed with lore, RP skills and so on. If you have any questions please contact the Grand High Loremaster Thorinhelm Brownbeard.


List members here...

Founding Members (Who signed the charter)...

  • Eothaine
  • Lathrin
  • Alanet
  • Darwidson

Many thanks again to these people who helped found the group (Many hugs and cookies coming your way).

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