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Kilrod Redstar Wheeler


Kilrod Redstar Wheeler


Half Elf


Blood Knight


The Magisterial Guard

Physical TraitsEdit

Although this Half Elf has similar appearances to his Sin'Dorei cousins there are some noticible differences only distinguishable to the keen eyed. Standing shorter than most blood elves his ears are also reduced in length as well as being less pointed. Much more broader chest and a more rounded face. Although he still has the burning green eyes and long blonde hair. Wears his Blood Knight armour in defiance of his Sin'Dorei counsins


Father: Count Nathaniel Telrunya Wheeler (Human Male)

Mother: Arnatuile Redstar (Undead-Highborne Female)

Sister: Alatrial Redstar (Half Elf Female)

Grandfather: Sir Malory Wheeler (Undead-Human Male)


Born to the respected ranger Arnatuile Redstar and the Human Ambassador Lord Telrunya Trollbane, Kilrod Redstar is one of the very few "Half Elves" that live in the world of Azeroth. Since his youth Kilrod has tried in vain to obtain acceptance from his elvish cousins but has always been viewed as "unpure" by the Highborne naturalists but was tolerated due to his mothers and fathers reputation. At the age of thirty Kilrod enroled as a knight of Quel' Thalas, still considered too young by many, his human heritage had seen him mature a lot faster than most of his brethren.

After years of vigorous training and enduring discrimination from many of his officers and comrades Kilrod was eventually accepted to the order. However this was due to fears of a growing threat in the human lands, a plague was sweeping the nation of Lordereon turning many of its inhabitants into mindless undead and reports suggested it was moving towards the homeland. Standing guard at the Silvermoon gates Kilrod defended valiantly against the Deatknight Arthas and his Scourge. Seeing many of his comrades fall in battle against the overwhelming might a retreat was ordered back to the Sunwell. Kilrod however decided to search for his parents and force them to flee before it was too late but his search was in vain he found neither one of his parents or his younger sister Alatrial. Being overwhelmed with grief in fears of losing his family Kilrod fled the besieged city.

Months later Kilrod after his kindred were branded traitors for aiding the Naga race he travelled with many of the survivors to the Dark Portal to flee the Alliance hunters wishing to put them into slavery. Upon reaching the Portal however he was turned away, the guards jeered and beat the young half elf branding him the "spawn of a coward" and told him to return to his traitorous father and half breed sister. Learning that his father had survived and fled to the city of Stormwind with his sister Kilrod travelled to the human land demanding answers. Since then Kilrod and his sister have searched the plague lands looking for information on what could have happened to their mother

Upon being recruited in the ranks of Silvermoons Magisterial Guard, Kilrod took this opportunity to further his gains. Through extensive research into the Wheeler family history Kilrod discovered information refarding the family weapon called Iceblade.

During an escort mission with several magisters, Kilrod was killed when a group of Scourge ghouls ambushed the party. His body was buried in Quel'Thalas.

Family HistoryEdit

Lord Telrunya Trollbane was once the human ambassador for the city of Silvermoon, fathering two children with his High Elf wife. He was considered a traitor and a coward after confusion that he fled the city whilst it was under attack from the Scourge. After his father had discovered his heritage of becoming the Count of Silverpine Kilrod had took it upon himself to remove his fathers power

Kilrods sister Alatrial is a lot more timid than her brother, her appearance is much like her mothers and is harder to disguish between a Blood Elf. She adores her father but fears of losing her brother through his rage so chooses to aid him in his quest.


Kilrod tries to do what he thinks is best but is blinded by rage and often commits horrific deeds

Above all else Kilrod will defend his sister from harm but fears cannot defend her from himself

Kilrod suffers little from the magic withdrawal but may sometimes get cravings when his emotions are high

Kilrod has a paticular dislike of Nobles mainly because of his father, he has therefore renounced the name Wheeler choosing to use his mothers name

Current Status Edit

Killed by Scourge during a recent Magister escort.

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