Basic InformationEdit

· The Kirin Tor is a mature, casual guild.

· Our main point is to create a fun mage and magic roleplaying guild. For more information about the Kirin tor in general see : [1]

· We're Role-Play friendly, although guild-chat is usually OOC.

General InformationEdit

· Mainly a mage orientated Guild.

· Alts are allowed inside the guild, although we expect you to mark alts as such in your public note.

· Discrimination, bullying, and harassment will NOT be tolerated, no matter if you claim to be RP'ing or not. End of story.

· We do ask that you avoid 'l33t' speak - we're all adults, we take the time to write in full sentences.

Joining the TavernEdit

Look out for (or add to your friends list) For Mordacious or Belsambar

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