The Knights DawningEdit

The Knights Dawning are a small group of people who generally just want to have fun together and Roleplay on a high standard. Our goals are to protect and rid the land of evil, alive and not so alive. We also have regular RP events such as handing out food and clothing to the needy in Stormwind and the like. You may join the guild with any sort of character, race, class or level. Although we do alot of RP like families, or some fueds, OOC'ly we like to keep the peace. So...dont use RP as an excuse to be unfriendly. We are all here just to relax and have fun!

At current we have 65 members.

General things to know about usEdit

The Knights Dawning are group of people who mainly want to have a good time of Roleplaying instead of the usual Grind, Kill and Repeat things of the game. That doesnt mean we dont enjoy doing instances. We love to do those things together. The core of the guild came from the RP-PvP realm of Sporeggar but we left that realm after we saw that the Steamwheedle Cartel realm had much more Roleplaying then our old home.

We are very choosy in the way we recruit. Most of the times we want to see someone face to face ingame before we sign you up. This is due to the fact that there are always OOC (Out of Character) people around who want to ruin the Immersion of the Roleplaying. Our goal is to generally have fun, and do Roleplaying together. We also try to Roleplay in our instances.

Also, we are currently on the lookout for Guild to Ally ourselves with. If you are a Guildmaster and you also want to Ally yourself with a friendly guild, feel free to send a ingame mail to our Lord Guunar or (if he is not avaliable), one of the assistants Earendur, Matary, Zolie or Cricker.

Recruitment PosterEdit

A poster hangs in the Trade District of Stormwind on a rainy quiet night...

Hail thee Citizen! Have you ever thought about your fellow being..Human, Dwarven, Gnomish or Elven?

Have you ever seen people that needed help but you couldnt help them?

Have you ever worried about the threat of the Horde to the Common Folk and the defence of them?

Then we have something for you!

The Knights Dawning are a Charity and Peacekeeping organisation that doesnt care about how much profit is made in a certain deal. We care about the people who arent so fortunate with an Axe, Gun or Bow and have to live of a meagre amount of money each day. That means we are a Non-Profit organisation that helps the poor struggle to their hardships. We do this by going out into the land and hand out food, drinks and spare clothing...for free ofcourse. But we arent only Holy Priest's or Priestesses! We also know how to handle weapons and wont be put off to use them when the situation demands to protect the poor from violence. Therefore we sometimes patrol certain lands if we know they are under threat from an evil force.

If you think you could help our small but growing organisation with some of these things, we shall welcome you with open arms! To sign up for the Recruitement, please send a letter to our Lord Guunar or one his assistants Cricker, Matary, Earendur or Zolie.

Safe travels!


Our small guild has a rather unique way of ranking. In general, we are all equal Knights with Lord Guunar as our leader. We do have diffrent ranks though, but these are more for organisational purposes. The Ranks we have from low to high:

Initiate: You start with this title if you join the guild. You will gain the Knight rank if the majority of the guild thinks you are worthy. You will also be awarded with a Guild Tabard. (if you dont have one or yourself)

Knight: The most common rank, you have proven yourself to be an able Knight and are one of us.

Veteran Knight: These are Knights who have shown exceptional deeds in the field and are loyal fighters to our cause.

Lord Knight The Lord Knights are the personal assistants of the Leader. They together comprise the High Council.

Leader: The leader has the right of a Veto vote.

Note: Although we are all equal, we do have a rule that you respect the Leader and the older members of the Guild. Failing to show respect In character or Out of Character can lead to expulsion


1) You must be a Roleplayer

2) You shant speak to much OOC on our Guild Channel. The Guild Channel is In character, but we also have an OOC channel for general chit chat.

3) You shall attend meetings, if you miss several meetings without reason, you will be kicked.

4) You shall be nice, if you are not nice, we can be even more 'not-nicer'

5) Dont use RP as an excuse to be rude towards people.

6) Although your own 'digital life' is non of our business, we really dont want anyone to shout rude words in the major cities. If we find out your rude towards other players who havent done anything wrong, you will get the arrow, slug or the boot.

Guild TrailerEdit

We made a brand new trailer in which we explain what we are up against as Roleplayers!

Knights Dawning Trailer

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