Hordecrest small Krasanos Spirithorn
Title(s) Spirit Champion -

Champion of the Stronghoof

Race Tauren
Status Alive
Relative(s) Nauome (mate)

Nasmo (Son)

Ihynlia ("mother")


Krasanos Spirithorn

Race and classEdit

Tauren, Shaman/warrior (Spirit Champion is his title and his ways)


White skin colour, big horns, white skin, a beard, a ring in his nose, big horns, a necklace with bones on aswell as a medaljon with the mark of the tauren on, not alot of armor on, he is very muscular and is very flexible aswell in a fight, even for a tauren it seems weird to be that muscular and flexible, his like 7,6 feet tall, his weight is around 470 pounds, before you stands the tauren named Krasanos Spirithorn, a Spirit Champion. With his two maces on each side of his wais, his eyes glowing because of his close relation with the spirits, by the look of it he looks like a fierce enemy, he is a rather kind soul, but in a battle, he get leaded by unknown powers there makes him to an unknown enemy at all time, which can be terrifiding aswell as beautiful, he fight in a beautiful way, no clumsy moves, each move is made like it got ocntrolled by something else, like some strange greater beeing took over his body when he fought, or told him what to do.


Krasanos got no from his original family left, Ihynlia took him to her when he was young, later he went away to train, he told her the spirits guided him.

Mate: Nauome, daughter to Ihynlia

Children: Nasmo (son)


As very young, Krasanos parents got slain by the centaur, Ihynlia found him and took him into her house to stay, he staid there for years, when he was old enough, he travelled away, to Azhara, Winterspring, Feralas, Shimmering Flats, Stramgelthorn Vale, Tanaris and Mulgore, when he returned, he was a strong Spirit Champion, great in the shamanism, a fierce warrior there had a close relation to the spirits, which guided him at all time.

Ihynlia welcomed him home with open arms, not long after he had returned, he and Nauome became mates, and after some months, Nauome had become pregnant, and Krasanos fought for Ihynlia and the Stronghoof tribe, he even became a Stronghoof Champion, and fought in the tournament there were created by the Earthfury clan, where he was in the final battle, but he lost, as his opponent was a close champion of some sort of spirit taking kind, who mastered animalism.

A few months later, Krasanos got told by the spirits that they had important things for him to do, they wanted him to travel north, into Northrend, and help lost spirits to get back to the spirit realm, he followed orders, left no note of his leaving, not even to his mate, his body became incorporal so noone could actually see him, a few goblins have spoke of that their zepelin was haunted thought.

After a half year in a constant bloodshed and battle in Northrend, alot of disturbed spirits returned to the realm, Krasanos returned to Kalimdoras the spirits granted him the break for the north, and they knew there was more to do back in Kalimdor, and he have now meditated to regain his strength and to heal his wounds, now when he have returned.

Krasanos gets guided by the spirits, can be animals aswell as persons, whispering him things, he can even take control of elementals and gain their strength for a little time.


Alive, wondering the lands of Kalimdor, wondering where the spirits guide him.

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