Pyromancer Kravanar Darkscythe


Kravanar outside his crypt in Tirisfal.


Kravanar is rather tall, but because he hunches his back over, he appears to be of average height. The telltale signs of an undead are very much prevalent, discoloured skin, which has clearly rotted especially around his mouth where the bone is visible around his teeth where his lips should be. Kravanar’s light blue hair is usually seen shaped into a large Mohawk, and there is a large scar along the left side of his head where he was maimed by a sword in his human life. It has not healed very well and there are sometimes maggots and cockroaches resting inside the crevice. Kravanar’s eyes glow ominously and you can be sure to always see him with an evil grin on his face!

He wears very stylish looking clothes (or so he thinks) to large gatherings but would be mostly seen in a black hood and robes. Kravanar is always carrying a black staff with a red fire crystal at the top of it. When you approach Kravanar, the air around you always seems to be slightly warmer. He speaks in a deep, crackling voice and is always laughing.

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Race and ClassEdit

Undead Mage


After meeting with Kravanar, it is quite obvious he is rather obsessed with the power of fire and is somewhat insane. He has a love for conflict and watching the sufferings of others and of course, he loves to watch the devastating power of fire. However, he is not foolish and would never dare to risk his own life to fulfil his lust for chaos and carnage. During his human life he studied in Dalaran as a fledgling mage (before it was destroyed by Archimonde and the Scourge of course), so he has received a good education. Kravanar believes the Orcs, Trolls and Tauren are fascinating beings, but regards them as uneducated barbarians. However he still respects them as he respects the Blood Elves.

Kravanar despises fresh air and nature, preferring to be with the death and decay of Lordaeron.


Setting the Grimtotem camp ablaze


Kravanar is an accomplished tailor and makes alot of his own clothes. He is also a powerful Pyromancer, constantly studying to further his powers.


Before his death at the hands of the Scourge, Kravanar was called Matthew Mc Laughlin but swiftly after he was 'reborn' he changed his name to Kravanar Darkscythe.

Father: Saul Mc Laughlin (deceased): He died long before the fall of Dalaran of natural causes.

Mother: Michelle Mc Laughlin (Alive): She is obviously very old and near death. Her whereabouts are unknown to Kravanar.

Siblings: Gerard Mc Laughlin (deceased): Murdered by the Scourge.

Wife: Nicola Mc Laughlin (Alive): She was in Stormwind when Kravanar died, but her whereabouts aren't known to him.

Children: Mark, Luke and Abigail Mc Laughlin (Alive): They are with their mother.


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Family BackgroundEdit

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Criminal RecordEdit

Convicted of arson countless times.

Personal NotesEdit

I wanted to make a totally evil character whos only agenda was becoming more powerful than everyone else no matter the cost, then I came up with my Forsaken mage Kravanar. My influences would have to be Desmond Tiny from the Darren Shan saga and Lord Loss from the Demonata, purely evil beings who live off the sufferings of others.

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Cackling after slaughtering some Kodos in Mulgore.


When commenting on a horrible tradegy that he finds amusing: "How delightful!" or "How unfortunate for you!"

"It will be me who sets the world ablaze..."

"The Forsaken are not to be trifled with."

"I am a force to be reckoned with."

Usually a /cackle follows everything he says.

Kravanar riding through the desert on Shadowhoof.

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