An Assassin as there are only a few in each time period. Striving to become the Best.

Personal Information Edit

Name: Kritwo.
Age: 17 at the time of death, pretty much immortal life-span now.
Height: Lieing down stretcht out its about 6 foot 1. But walking, hiding in the shadows its closer to 5 foot 5.
Weight: Unsure, not much flesh left. Upon last check 48kgs.
Race/Job: Undead Assassin (Rogue).
Birthplace: Streets of Andorhal. Both true birth as rebirth.
Current Residence: Has made a point of contact in the Scryers bank of Shattrath City.

Known Criminal Record: In his old life: (Andorhal's recrords)
Suspect of numerous murders.
Eyewitness tell of thieving.
- Never caught.
Known Criminal Record: In his new life: (Stormwind City records)
Murdered many City and Towns guards.
War criminal, violated human rights.
Known to eat his victums.
Theft of goods and money.
Drunk and disorderly conduct.
Extortion and Coercion.
- Murders bystanders to keep his identity secret.
- Reported dead numerous times, always re-emerges elsewhere.
Signalment: Undead, moves through the shadows of our Cities. Further information Unknown.

Physical Traits Edit

An Undead clad in Leather, armed with both Swords and Daggers, small knifes and axes balanced for trowing.
Further he carries a steamdriven machine gun and also known to use a bow if secrecy is of importance.
He dresses his hair in a white ponytail, the color of his hair being art not nature.
He is known to ride a Swift Grey Wolf, A gift from one of Thralls advisers after a particularly difficult kill.
Also is the proud owner of a Black War Talbuk, a show of his contempt for the Alliance Forces that defile Nagrand.
Kritwo wears a Blue frost tainted tabard. And uses magical artfacts to resemble Blood Elfs and Night Elfs for short periods of time.
Kritwo is one of the greater Assassins of our Time. His only fault: he is a bit impatient.

Guild Edit

Commanding officer of All physical melee combatants of <Dominance>.

Occupation Edit

Works of freelance basis for Forsaken Business Association.

Company Edit

Kritwo is often found in the presence of the Powerfull, the Strong and the Gifted. Trying to take down the greater Names of Outlands.
Lady Vashj, Kael'Thas, the 4 commanding officers, the Burning legion send to accompany Archimonde to Mount Hyjal in a battle in the far past.
Illidans chiefs among his personal Guards; Nej, Supremus, Teron, Bloodboil... the list goes on.
He keeps Company of those that seek to end all Domination of non-Horde forces.

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