Welcome to Kuat Engineering Systems.

History - Kuat Engineering Systems was founded by Lt. Colonel Ulgarf Flamebeard in association with Angst Ironboot, six standard human months after The Exodar crashed into western Kalimdor. It produces mechanical arms, eyes, and other body parts, also working on experimental technologies like concentrated arcane ray emmiters, or special hazardous enviroment suits.

We hope we will be able to satisfy all your wishes during your visit, and remember if it's arcane, it's safe.

Because of Lt. Colonel Ulgarf Flamebeard's tragic death, all the orderes will be put at the Mountaineers 3rd Brigade developing office, Ironforge, Millitary Ward, North-East block.

The first product of KES is the DeepDive MK suit H-series, a Diving suit made of a special alloy of mithril and thorium, with a vital lifesigns display eqquiped in the helmet, and a temperature stabilizer.


The DeepDive MK suit H-series.

The standard suit costs 40 Azerothonian gold coins (RP-wise :P, if you want one, just pay me the mats needed for it and it's yours) and all the money will be transfered to the Mountaineers 3rd Brigade 's vault trough Ironforge counting house, once the order has been taken. If you wish to cancel your order, you will have to pay a fine of 50 silver coins (RP-wise)

The ArcaTech M-13 is a new type of gun that uses replaceable batteries that emmit a powerful charge of pure arcane at the focus lens, wich fire out a powerful beam of concentrated arcane energy. The gun is made of an alloy of mithril and iron, the hilt being wrapped in cured leather, making it comfortable to hold.


The ArcaTech M-13.

The T566-IR's production was stopped due to unknown reason. Ulgarf took one and modified it, renaming it Teefive

Thank you for visiting Kuat Engineering Systems, and remember, if it's arcane, it's safe.

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