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Kul Tiras Corsairs is a "pure" role-playing guild, founded in December 2006. Its roots can be found in The Wild Rose Society, and before that in The Peoples' Militia.

The Kul Tiras Corsairs are a unit in the Kul Tiras Navy, sailing on the White Maiden, currently docked in Menethil.

We accept all kinds of people, as long as they have a high standard of roleplaying and are nice. To join, you must have an In-Character reason to join the Corsairs.

The Corsairs only seeks people who have a mature outlook and are enjoyable company. Being "in character" is mandatory (though officer & party chat is OOC) - and those who are able to tell the difference between "you" and "u" will be particularly welcome (actually do not expect to get past the interview if you use "u").

We are not a large guild, nor do we want to become a large guild. Quality is more important to us than quantity. Generally we have between four to ten online at once, though during events and meetings, more even, less during off-times.

As a member of the Corsairs, you may spend your time as you wish, questing, instancing or only roleplaying - whatever floats your boat. We do expect you to roleplay with the guild also. The guild generally spends its time together mostly in Stormwind City, Menethil Harbour, or wherever the action is. Our "base" is located on the empty ship (The White Maiden), in Menethil Harbour, opposite the one leaving for Auberdine, though we spend most of our time in Stormwind.

We also intend to hold frequent Roleplaying events, and have done so so far, everything from sailing on the seas to drinking competitions to parties and balls.

If this has not put you off, then get in contact with us, and apply. We can heartily say that being in the Corsairs is fun!

Storyline Edit

After Grand Admiral Daelin Proudmoore sailed to Kalimdor with the Kul Tiras Naval Fleet, spent a large portion of the ships, men and resources on his crusades against the Orcs, and lost, the Kul Tiras Navy has been in a state of disarray, with the Naga and Murlocs attacking whatever left of the Navy of former glory.

The Lord Admiral of Kul Tiras, Proudmoore's son, Tandred Proudmoore, tries to keep the island of Kul Tiras standing. To make up for lost troops and slow recruitment, he sends one of his Commodore's, with a ship and its crew, over to the mainland to recruit more members for the Navy, and to make money with mercenary work.

The Commodore in question, is Janner Pike, the old Commander of the Peoples' Militia, and Ex-Legitimate Businessman of the Wild Rose Society.

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· No character, race or class restrictions.

· Your character must be as low as the 10th level to join.

· Alternate characters (Alts) are allowed in the guild, but only if we know who's alt they are. No prejudice will be held against Alts. Not revealing your main character can result in getting removed, without warning.

· We enforce respect towards each other member. We all work together, so fighting among ourselves is pointless.

· Higher ranking members are to be treated with respect, for example, saluted on sight.

· Be sure to check the Roleplaying Policies, as we play on a RP-PvE Server.

· The Kul Tiras Corsairs have guild meetings, which are compulsory to all members.

· The Kul Tiras Corsairs are based in Menethil Harbour, and have recruitment offices in Stormwind City.

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Brave men and women of Azeroth! The Kul Tiras Navy is in need of fresh blood! If you're an adventurer and interested in earning a few coins, as well as keeping your beloved ones safe, sign up at once! It has been some time since Grand Admiral Daelin Proudmoore's days of glory and Naval victory.... Most of The Kul Tiras fleet was vanquished over in Kalimdor, but Lord Admiral Tandred Proudmoore has rebuilt most of the glorious fleet; though still there are many job opportunities! This is your chance! The shores of The Eastern Kingdoms are unsafe - and they may never be secure again until you decide to do something about it!

Join the Kul Tiras Corsairs today!

Our recruitment office in Stormwind is located in the City Hall, Cathedral Square, and our ship, The White Maiden, can be found in Menethil Harbour.

Joining the Kul Tiras Corsairs Edit

If you are interested in joining, make contact with one of the members - they can pass on your details to a recruiter or you can of course contact them directly yourself. Making contact in-character is preferable. You can also, alternatively, contact us via our forums (link below).

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Commodore Janner Pike Captain Joren Rothgar Alania-Pike Lieutenant Veko Raúl Rodriguez Julio Juan Jose Maria Velasquez Jr. Lieutenant Jeled Elensiel Silvermane First Mate Nocho del Sulsa Chief Brigadier Clareh Shadowspell

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