Kyu'zo, Shaman of the Dead Dragons Society.

Name Edit

Kyu'zo. Once proudly Kyu'zo Bloodscalp, later it was Kyu'zo the Exiled or Kyu'zo the Shamed.

Physical Traits Edit

Blue skinned, blue haired of about 45 years of age. His fierce appearance and temper suggest that he is not a Darkspear but, in fact, a Bloodscalp. He usually wields a two-handed axe like he did in the past as a Bloodscalp berserker. Unlike other Bloodscalp trolls his hair is blue, instead of red. This is because he stopped dying his hair red with the blood of slain foes according to tribal rituals.

Race Edit

Jungle troll

Class Edit

Once a respected berserker of the Bloodscalp tribe, now he follows the path of the Shaman.

Guild Edit

Kyu'zo serves The Dead Dragons Society as one of their Dragons.

Occupation Edit

An expert in skinning animals and dragons (a skill from his past, only this time applied on animals…). Learning dragonscale leatherworking and spends his spare time as a fisherman.


Unknown. He was raised by Seth'tan Bloodscalp, who found Kyu'zo in the jungle as a whelp. He is fully accepted as a Bloodscalp troll as it is not strange for this tribe of warriors to "adopt" Troll whelps to bolster their forces, but there are repulsive rumours that he might be of Skullsplitter (which would explain his blue physique) or even Atal'ai blood (would explain his affinity for magic).

Background Edit


Young Kyu'zo Bloodscalp as a Berserker.

The Troll named Seth'tan raised Kyu'zo to become a berserker. The more notable parts of his history date back to the Second War between the Alliance and the First Horde. During the chaos of this War Bloodscalp chieftain Gan’zulah and his witchdoctor Nezzliok decided that the tribe could benefit from the war. They gathered the fiercest and most skilled warriors of the tribe and created a small, but deadly warband to raid the Human lands. The Alliance reports from those days hardly spoke of their actions and when they did, the Horde was blamed. The many Horde forces of that war were surprised to see their "allies" turn on them. (dem shortsighted Humans 'n' Orcs can’t see da difference between da Troll tribes, mon)

Kyu’zo and Seth’tan were amongst the chosen warriors. Gan’zulah ordered them to go north, to the “Forest of Webs” (Duskwood) and the “Blood Golden Hills” (Westfall) and gather loot for the tribe. Because most of the war it was easy picking for the warband. The little resistance they faced was quickly slaughtered. Not only Alliance settlements were targeted, but also Orcish warbands were not spared, especially when there were forest trolls among them.

During the war Kyu’zo became one of the more respected berserkers. Gan’zulah and Nezzliok noticed that several trolls showed the gift to inspire others and could become a threat to their iron rule.


Kyu'zo in service of the Dead Dragons Society.

It was near the end of the Second War that the warband was send out for the last time. The last target would be Westfall once again. But little did they know that it was a suicide mission. Nezzliok’s voodoo magics informed Gan’zulah of the Alliance forces in Westfall and that it would be a great opportunity to remove any of the potential threats to their rule…and any of the trolls that would survive and return would be exiled for siding with the Alliance and betraying the Bloodscalps. And so it happened….Kyu’zo was one of the few survivors.

Shocked, ashamed and hunted by his former tribe he hid himself among the Darkspear trolls. He eagerly took the opportunity to leave Stranglethorn and go to Kalimdor where he continued his exile.

He recently discovered the powers and the ways of the Shaman and saw a chance to redeem himself and restore his former power. For this reason he left Sen’jin village and went to the Valley of Trials...

Criminal Record Edit

Commited various warcrimes against the Alliance and the First Horde during the Second War.

Personal Notes Edit

Savage at heart, but living amongst the Darkspear tribe has culled most of his bloodlust and the teachings of the Shaman have calmed his mind. Especially when spirits of Earth and Water deemed him worthy enough to retreive his soul from the Nether and helped him to return to the lands of the living. He now honors the Elements more then ever and is quite proud to serve them as one of their warriors.

On first sight you might encounter a silent, but helpful Troll. Since his exile he has lived his life as a ronin and therefore is a bit rusty on people skills. The balder he gets to more he longs for the Stranglethorn jungle, allthough he knows he can never go back there. Yet, his past is one of the last real possessions he has.

He has no love for the other jungle troll tribes, but has some respect for the Darkspears despite their over-peacefulness. He fears the Gurubashi tribe and has deep respect for the Zandalar tribe. And as a jungle troll he certainly despises all forest trolls. As for other races; he distrusts the Forsaken, despises all elven races due to ancient lore and finds gnomes and dwarves quite amusing. He holds little respect for humankind, those pinkskins never created such vast empires as trollkind and they even had to learn magic from the elves before they could defeat those barbarous forest trolls.

Ohw, and he cannot read Elvish/Thalassian.

Current Status Edit

Currently exploring Outland and assisting his Guild in their quests. He can be found in Orgrimmar from time to time. ((OOC: Feel free to contact me when you see me in Azeroth, I could use a lot more RP in my gameplay and I fully support improvised RP))

M.I.A. ((taking a break untill the computer is fixed, meanwhile working on a Warcraft comic))

Inspiration for Kyu'zo Edit

Well as the name already suggests, the main inspiration came from the movie The Seven Samurai. I wanted to make a sort of ronin type of shaman and I very much like the Troll lore, those two combined formed the backstory. There aren't that many details about the individual Troll tribes yet, so I took the liberty of giving the Bloodscalp some more substance. Anyways, Kyu'zo was ment to be a silent and skilled ronin like the Kyuzo from the movie, but I am not skilled enough and act to rash to be truely like the movie version, so in the end Kyu'zo the Troll was more of a mix of several Samurai like Kyuzo, Kambei, Kikuchiyo and the sarcastic Sanjuro from the movie Yojimbo.

Kyuzocolor copy

Kyu'zo, the cartoon version.

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