Lady Jouet Starless.

Lady Jouet Starless is a Silvermoon Citizen of Noble blood. Her interests revolve around Demonology, Destruction, undeath, money, and keeping the title of an Aristocrat at all times.

Jouet is considered a shady woman by most, and is often seen conversing with suspicious characters in suspicious areas, and more often than not, trouble and shady business seem to follow wherever Lady Starless goes. She lives in a majestic residence in Murder Row.

Physical TraitsEdit

Jouet prides herself in her beauty - her milk-white skin, gorgeous auburn locks and high cheekbones, and isn't above using her physique to get what she wants. She dresses in the most expensive silk robes, boots and corsets that can be found on the two continents. She is of average height.


Selfish to the core, plastic. Poison hidden beneath a polite smile.

The SanctumEdit

After committing murder and being forced to hide underground to avoid being executed by the Retainers of the The Suncrown Conclave, Jouet decided to take things into her own hands and overthrew the owner of the Silvermoon Warlock Sanctum, Faelanthras. Taking over the entire business of the Sanctum, Jouet is now searching for a way to gather the Warlocks of the horde.

Criminal recordEdit

The murder of Retainer Thariel, the murder of Initiate Crie'sal Stardiamond and the attempted murder of Arris Oakwarden. Theft.
Jouet on felsteed

Jouet on her Felsteed

Current StatusEdit

Alive, on parole.


Neutral Evil.


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