Lady Samantha Scrive

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Physical TraitsEdit

In her mid teens, Lady Samantha has reddish brown hair and slightly tanned skin. She is of average height for her age and rather slim.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Noble.


none (currently)


Lady of the Stormwind Nobles.


The aged Baron Baron Jared Von Scrive


Defias refuse

The nobles refusing Van

Samantha lived in her father's house for most of her life after her brother was killed when he joined the Defias and aided one of their many riots in the Stockade. But recently Samantha has been allowed to roam Stormwind and attend a magi School. After being told by Baron von Scrive to find an occupation that was worthwhile, she attempted to join the Imperial Knights but ended up being rejected and becoming one of The Exiled Mercenaries.

Family BackgroundEdit

Edwin vankleef

The Nobles Creation

Like most nobles, the Scrive Family has become corrupted, especially since the Scrives agreed to refuse VanCleef's payment.

Besides that the Scrives have had no major role in history besides helping to shape Stormwind into what it is now.

Criminal RecordEdit

Clear. She has never been caught... So far.

Personal NotesEdit

Samantha aided in the release of the outlaw Hadadin.

Current StatusEdit

Walking the streets of Stormwind.


My insparation for Samantha was Lady Elvira Grey from the Fable saga and they have many physical and pearsonlity similarities aswell as both being high up in society.

Lady Grey

Lady Elvira Grey

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