Laelnara 2 (18)

Laelnara as a farstrider.

Laelnara Sunwing is a blood elf ranger and a skilled archer. As a determined farstrider, she has a strong will, a cold temper and a logical mind. She considers herself valiant and honorable in action, and has a strong respect for the laws of Silvermoon.

Since the Scourge's invasion of Quel'thalas, Laelnara has lost some of her optimism. Even so, she mantains the fierce nobility of her race and struggles to eradicate any form of cruelty and evil she might find in the land.


The Beastmaw Clan



Laelnara during her journey has found several companions, which are reported below:

Laelnara 2 (15)

Laelnara and her dragonhawk, named Sunwing

  • Sunwing the dragonhawk. Like other blood elves, Laelnara managed to train a dragonhawk as a pet. Sunwing, as he was named, has developped an incredible devotion towards Laelnara. Thanks to the skills of the dragonhawk, the farstrider is capable of flying.

After a long battle against the Iron Horde, Sunwing was wounded and is currently unable to fight and fly.

  • Wildur is a noble stag. Mature and strong, Wildur saved Laelnara when she was wounded, during the campaign in Pandaria. Surprised by the fact the beast choose her as a companion, she has since then considered Wildur one of the most caring yet strong allies she ever had. Rumors of the pandaren villages suggest that Wildur was considered a fierce and strong deer, capable of defending himself against most types of predators.
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Wildur, the noble stag.

  • Omen is the third of Laelnara's companions. When Sunwing the dragonhawk was wounded by an Iron Horde's bullet, the ranger realized she needed a stronger companion. Her eye gazed upon the sky and she heard a screech. Then, the teroclaw pierced the skies. In that very moment, Laelnara realized she found a speciemen capable of dealing massive damages to any enemies.
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Omen, the teroclaw.

Current StatusEdit

Aiding the Beastmaw Warband.

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