Laelnara 2 (18) Laelnara Sunwing is a blood elf ranger and a skilled archer. As a determined farstrider, she has a strong will, a cold temper and a logical mind. She considers herself valiant and honorable in action, and has a strong respect for the laws of Silvermoon.

Since the Scourge's invasion of Quel'thalas, Laelnara has lost some of her optimism. Even so, she mantains the fierce nobility of her race and struggles to eradicate any form of cruelty and evil she might find in the land.


The Beastmaw Clan


Laelnara (8) Laelnara (16) Laelnara (18) Laelnara (17) Laelnara 2 (6) Laelnara 2 (19) Laelnara 2 (15) Laelnara 2 (10) Laelnara 2 (19)

Rare Taming: I've tamed all the 80-90 rare beasts atleast once and have several other lesser levels rare beasts, such as all the dragonhawk models and the very rare red hydra in the Wailing Caverns. Laelnara 2 (10)

Current Status

Aiding the Beastmaw Warband.

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