Archmage Laerwen Spellsong

Physical TraitsEdit

Laerwen is slim and of medium height for an elf, Her face is often made-up very subtely with red lipstick and blue eye shadow. She sports two large hooped earings and is often seen wearing blue. She often seems a little aloof but at the same time commands a strange sense of respect.

Race and ClassEdit

Blood elf, Mage


Order of the Sun.


For over a hundred years she served as a Sorceress for the Alliance and a high ranking Archmage of the Kirn Tor. She now serves as the Order of The Sun's High inquisitor.


Mother Olympia Spellsong- (prisoner of war in tempest keep)

Ervanos Spellsong- Father (dead)

Fealdor Spellsong- Brother (Alive)

Zenthorius Flamebow- Oldest Son (Alive, In training Blood Knight)

Tatharian Flamebow- youngest son (Alive, farstrider)

Laerania Spellsong- Only Daughter (alive Blood Mage)

Theninon Flamebow- Lover (dead)


Born in Silvermoon almost two hundred years ago Laerwen has lived through many trials. When she reached semi-adulthood at nineteen her parents sent her to Dalaran where she studied vigorously and excelled in all her classes, She soon became an Archmage and was rumoured to be a secret seventh member of the order of the 6. She taught many soon-to-be archmages including Arugal.

When the seconed war arrived she faught alongside her people as a warmage and was praised for her courage and cruelty on the battleground, few people could match her skills of fire magic and in the arcane. upon meeting King Menithel she became fond of a young Prince Arthas that she would later serve under. During the war she met a farstrider named Theninon the pair fell deeply in love, with him she bore two children, Zenthorius and Tatharian.

During the third war she left Dalaran to aid Arthas leaving her children in the care of her lover who remained in Dalaran, she watched as Arthas grew more and more insane, her final call to arms was at the culling of Stratholme where she is still haunted by the screams of the people she killed.

When returning to Dalaran she studied harder and harder until she unlocked many secrets of the Azeroth and other worlds and eventualy became one of the first female wizards. During the battle at Dalaran she led a small group of mages including Tatharian into battle she was gravely wounded and later discoverd her father's death as he tried to save her. Her Lover also perished in this battle setting her over the edge in an emotional breakdown.

She remained in Dalaran for sometime working withe Keal to re-build the city, however she was imprisoned for accepting the aid of naga, upon her realese she teleported back to Silvermoon and work rebuild her home city.

Family BackgroundEdit

The Spellsongs previously the Moonsongs, worked as mages, spies, priests priestesses since the days of the war of the ancients, her family hold a few secrets that have been lost or ignored over the years. Her father helped design some of the fountains that can be seen around Quel'thalas. Laerwen's father is also famous for his writing of many scrolls on experimental magics that are now in the hands of the Scarlet Crusade and the Violet Eye,

Criminal RecordEdit

imprisoned at the same time as keal'thas for working alongside naga, she was sentanced to death but was broken out by the prince and the others that were imprisoned, however she missed the portal to the outlands and was forced to teleport back to silvermoon.

Personal NotesEdit

Laerwen is violent and all round nasty as a person, she hates "fun" and things that she can't control. When using frost magic she usualy goes into a calmer mood as she relaxes in order to cast the spells. she describes people as being like magic "if you can control them you can make them do anything, if you can't they can hurt you"

Laerwen is now dead, though nothing has been proven poison has been suspected as the cause of death.

insperation for LaerwenEdit

also the Character Mrs Coultar from the "His dark materials" novels.

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