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Lakeshire lies on the frontline in the Kingdom of Stormwind.

Destruction and ReconstructionEdit

The town of Lakeshire was a picturesque town, settled on the western edge of Lake Everstill. However, they lived in constant fear of the Blackrock Orcs and the dark shadow of Blackrock Mountain. The mayor of the town, Magistrate Solomon, worked tirelessly to give his town a brighter future.

However, his efforts were cut short, and it was not the constant raids of the Blackrock Orcs who brought about the destruction of the town. A group of dark-robed cultists swarmed the town in the dead of night, summoning wave upon wave of infernals from the sky, which destroyed the town. No bodies were found at the sight or anywhere that was a practical distance from the town.

The cultists were rumoured to have been in league with the Dark Embrace, a nefarious dark cult, the assault itself being led by one 'Mistress Alania'. Details on the town's destroyers are not known, and probably never will be.

A memorial now stands not far from the site of Lakeshire's town hall, commemorating the town's citizens, whose bodies vanished in the raid.

Township and CitizensEdit

The Town is ruled by Magistrate Solomon and under Councilship of Carlous Xzan. Many people live here and have all their own jobs among the town. Citiznes include;

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