General InformationEdit

The Lakeshire Township is a heavy roleplay group who's main goal is to create a role-playing environment set in a town. We have mainly citizens who have specific role's in which drive their roleplay such as a baker, carpenter, etc... and in which can help within events and general day to day roleplay. Our aim is to create a place to roleplay in peace and quiet and also have some fun while you are at it.

Job VacanciesEdit

Currently there are many jobs that require filling. Here are just some of the jobs you could have:

  • Carpenter
  • Bridge Builder
  • Chef at the Everstill Arms
  • Barman / Barmaid
  • Stable Master
  • Blacksmith
  • Farmer
  • Flecther
  • Bowyer
  • Engineer
  • Postman
  • Baker
  • And many more....

If there is a specific job you wish to do then speak to one of the Council members or the High Councillor.

Lakeshire Guard/ConstablesEdit

Although Stormwind has sent a small group of guards to help protect the town we have set up our own garrison of guards to help keep the peace in the town and to back the guards in major operations. During times of absolute desperation, all able citizens are to take up arms ready to fight and defend the town. The follow is a small description of each rank.

  • Constable Chief - In command of the guards and keeps them in order. There is only one person who can take up this rank and that person is only chosen by the Council or the High Councillor.
  • Constable Sergeant - Helps run training and keeps the guards in order. Takes direct orders from the Chief.
  • Constable Corporal - Helps the Sergeant with his duties and keeps and eye on guards. This rank is also used for specialist ranks such as quartermaster and medic.
  • Constable - The basic guard rank.
  • Militia Guard - The rank that citizens are given in times of war or attack upon the town. They must take orders from the Constable Chiefs or one of the N.C.O's. Same rank as a Constable but less skilled.

All citizens must be prepared to take up arms at any given time and in short notice. Any objections or refusale to take up arms will result in their citizenship being revoked and outlawed from the town.

Basic Guild InformationEdit

  • No duelling in the town.
  • Myroleplay and GHI are a must in the guild as a lot, if not all, of the roleplay revolves around it.
  • Any race and class are allowed to join but the setting is more inclined towards Humans, Dwarfs and Gnomes.
  • There is no real level limit but you will need to head to Lakeshire by your own means if you are a low level.
  • New roleplayers are sometimes accepted but will go through a trial period of around a week.
  • All new members will under-go a simple interview both IC and OOC.
  • You can specify which role you wish to undertake be it Guard or Tailor (depending upon which jobs are available).
  • No L33t speak in guild chat or whist roleplaying. Try and get into good habbits of using proper grammer as well.

Gaining CitizenshipEdit

To gain your citizenship in the town of Lakeshire you can either /w Carlousxzan, or send an IC letter instead. You will then be requested to an interview at the town hall where you will fill in some forms and undergo a short Q and A. Upon a successful application you will receive you citizenship papers along with a thumbs up from the High Councillor.

Working in the TownEdit

We offer jobs to people who do not wish to become citizens and simply wish to work and help the town out. This applies to people such as traders, labourers and hired workers for a special trade. All applicants will be required to fill in a few forms as well as appear before the Council or High Councillor, stating why they wish to work in the town.

((This is so people from other guilds can still be apart of the town. We have a dedicated channel as well so you can chat to us OCC. The channel is called "township")).

Council MembersEdit

  • High Councillor: Carlous Xzan
  • Councillor: TBA
  • Councillor: TBA
  • Councillor: TBA
  • Councillor: TBA
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