Larinas De Gerald -Baroness of Da Blood Bruvaz -Sworn servant and protector of Sylvanas, the Banshee Queen

- Priestess of the Shadow Order.

Physical TraitsEdit

Apart from the pale white skin, the tattered robes and the glowing eyes, nothing sets Larinas apart physically from other members of her race. Neither strong nor powerful physically, Larinas is not someone to be dealt with easily Race and Class Forsaken Priestess (Former shadow weaver, past mystic and now full-time prophet and cleric to the Banshee Queen).


Da Blood Bruvas .


Larinas is a well-known tailor and enchanter, often leaving her magical runes upon weaved cloth. Nowadays, she makes sure others of the Forsaken work to the greater glory of their Queen and Saviour, by acting as a “Voice” of Slyvanas and enforcing the greatness of the Forsaken Priests.


No family currently alive or undead.


Larinas, for the better part, has always been one of the forsaken. True, a long time ago, she was a human mortal, but those memories have been repressed sufficiently that they no longer hold any grasp upon her. Raised in the lands around the Undercity, she trained hard at focusing her inner power, gradually rising in power and rank within the Shadow Order. When she finally came of age, she was recruited by Unspeakable Villainy to help spread their message and evil. Not one to turn back on such opportunities, Larinas continued to grow in power, continuing down the path of a Shadow Weaver, following in the foot-steps of the leader of the Villains. However, on a fateful day, when she felt challenged by another of her race, she decided that it was time for her to leave and begin alone, her powers sufficient for her to set off without the aid of other’s. Having travelled the world, both Kalimdor and The Eastern Kingdoms, she finally decided that it was time for her to continue her service in the greatness of her Queen. When commanded, she found the Orc known as Ruk, and befriended him as only a Forsaken can, charming him with glory and power. So began her time with Da Blood Bruvaz, changing from a shadow weaver to a mystic and promoting great visions for the Horde. With the sudden disappearance of Ruk, the guild was left in turmoil, Gorlak not having the urge to take power for himself. Granted that, Larinas was then given the title of Baroness, and her final path from Mystic to Prophet and Cleric were fully fulfilled.

Other mentional people would be Munio (location unknown) and members of Zanja’s Embrace (also disbanded now).

Family BackgroundEdit

This might be written down when Larinas feels that others need to know about her mortal past. Til then, it remains empty.

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