Hordecrest small Larynne Sahrylle Laesoron
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Title(s) Grand Master of the Unseen Vigil
Gender Female
Race Blood Elf
Class Paladin
Age 327.
Alignment Lawful Evil
Affiliation The Horde
Occupation Warrior-Scholar
Status Alive
Relative(s) Arysa Iryn Laesoron (mother), Kelan Laesoron (father), Calrys Laesoron (sister)

Physical DescriptionEdit

Larynne possesses the same perfectly sculpted facial features that are inherent to her race, making her quite beautiful to most, but no more than average amongst her own people. Her almond shaped eyes often narrowed in deep concentration and her mouth usually a straight line of determination, she seems to have a rather stern disposition. Though she possesses slightly more muscle than average for a female of her kind, it suits her well. Though this combination of features would mark her as fairly attractive, she barely ever appears to smile and this often makes her seem cold and aloof.

She carries herself in heavy, ornate armor, inscribed with many scriptures, images and runes of which most would not say anything to anyone but her. The motive most prominent on her wargear is that of a serpent of a sort following its own tail, thereby making a full circle. This can be found studded with gems on one of her pauldrons, as well as a miniature version in one of her various ear piercings. No insignias or heraldry indicative of whatever organisation she is affiliated with can be found on her wargear however, though the expensive and powerful set she wears can only imply a high position somewhere. Larynne's weaponry often consists of a master crafted sword and shield, though she tends to carry various other small arms on her person.


Her disposition appears somewhat haughty and she often seems to look down on those she judges unworthy or savage, particularly Orcs and Trolls. She also has a notable dislike of both Night Elves and Draenei, though the former is the strongest. She possesses a rather cultured accent and melodious voice, further reinforcing her arrogant appearance.

Though Larynne is very loyal to those she deems her friends, there are very few she considers such and she is rather gruff and indifferent in demeanor to those who are not. Though not normally rude, she is ruthless to those in her way or who she deems wasting her time.

In combat she is a relentless opponent fully convinced of her own ability and power. If her opponent makes a mistake Larynne is on it in a flash and exploits their error to the fullest. Though firmly believing that officers should lead by example, she understands the tactical advantage of leading from the rear and is as often found there directing the battle as she is directly on the front lines.

Traits and SkillsEdit

- Weapons: Though fairly capable with most weapons, Larynne is extremely proficient with a sword as well as being skilled with a hammer and shield combination. She is, however, utterly inefficient with ranged weapons.

- Armor: Larynne is a master of heavy armor and is rarely seen without.

- Magic: Though skilled with protective spells, Larynne's primary magic ability lies in healing.

- Tactician: Larynne is a capable tactician and will make the utmost of her environment and units under her command.


Mother: Arysa Iryn Laesoron

Father: Kelan Laesoron

Sister: Calrys Laesoron



Larynne was the first daughter born to the Laesoron family, a wealthy couple of historical experts and sorcerers though not of noble blood. Her sibling, Calrys, would be born thirty years later and Larynne was entering her teen years by the time of her sister's birth. Larynne remained her parents favourite due to her inate skill with the arcane at a young age and they taught her in both the pursuit of knowledge as well as the ways of the sorcerer. Despite their differences in treatment, Larynne nevertheless grew very close to her sister Calrys. A few years into her study as a true mage, however, her progress in the arcane stuttered and finally halted: she found she could not learn the extreme control of mind and body that she required to manipulate the arcane mysteries in the way that was needed of her. She dropped out of her magical studies and started training in arms, something she was surprisingly apt in. Larynne enlisted with the armed forces and joined a borderwatch regiment that mainly dealt with pockets of forest trolls that occasionally threatened elven communities.

Military CareerEdit

Military discipline suited Larynne well and during her tenure as a soldier she developed a much more focused connection to her inner magic that manifested itself in healing skills and protective spells. Indeed, Larynne was offered on various occasions to join the priesthood of Silvermoon but she always declined, feeling that the life of a priest was not for her. It turned out she had a quick mind and an aptitude for tactics so eventually she rose to the rank of lieutenant, being second in command of a borderwatch company.

This company eventually found itself stationed in a village that was right in the path of a forest troll warband that had been raiding the area. Vastly outnumbered, the commanding officer decided to fall back and link up with another company, though this meant abandoning the helpless villagers to their fate as they could by no means retreat in time. Not willing to give up so many innocent lives, Larynne and a number of soldiers loyal to her remained to organize a hasty militia even as her own company retreated. The village, situated at a natural bottleneck, was swiftly barricaded and fortified with murderholes, pitfalls and other lethal traps. Making the most of the natural environment that was in her favour, Larynne made the trolls pay for every step they took and the elves slew many of the trolls with guerilla tactics. Trusting her well trained comrades to hold the line, Larynne herself eventually took the undisciplined but wrathful militia around the troll host and harried their rearguard, crushing the warband between the anvil of the village and the hammer of her own force. Subsequently, she challenged the troll warlord to single combat and prevailed, after which the warband scattered.
WoWScrnShot 041012 200256

Larynne during her tenure as a borderwatch soldier.

Instead of being hailed as a hero, her superior officer charged her with insubordination and wished her discharged from the military. Larynne won the trial by account of the soldiers who stood with her as well the villagers who had witnessed the defense of their home. She was then promoted to captain of her own company and earned the unofficial title 'Shield of the Southern Groves'. However, her previous commanding officer, angered with Larynne's acquittal, pulled favours with some influential individuals and had her 'honorably discharged' from the borderwatch within a year, forcing her to bitterly accept a position within the city guard.

Due to her high rank and prestige within the borderwatch she was given the position of senior arbitrator in a Silvermoon district. She despised this job which caused her to be absorbed by her old passion, the pursuit of knowledge, besides it. Eventually Larynne became so caught up with works of old magic and secrets of old civilizations that it began to influence her job. Subsequently she became a rather infamous figure in her district, rumoured to look the other way if bribed with tomes of old knowledge or other secrets, planting evidence with those whose collection she took an interest in and supposedly even eliminating individuals who had something she wanted or who had dirt on her. None of this has ever been proven, however.

The WarsEdit

During the Second War Larynne remained safely within the walls of Silvermoon City, her rich father having spared her from assignment to the frontlines. She secretly resented him for not letting her go out and fight for her people, as by now her own conscience was catching up with her. Regardless, she did not stop with her corrupt approach to policing the city.

A decade later, when the Scourge marched upon Silvermoon City during the Third War, the Laesoron family found itself living in a district right in the path of the mindless dead. Calrys had fallen ill at that point and though her parents urged her to leave her sister, Larynne flatly refused. Disobeying orders from her superiors and disregarding the safety of the rest of her people, she dragged Calrys through the streets and through the woods, away from the Scourge and her parents who had by then fled the area. Larynne saved her sister with her skills in the art of healing.

With nothing left in their homeland and no longer able to count on their parents, the two sisters decided to split up after realizing they both wanted something completely different from their lives. Larynne joined Prince Kael'thas' Blood Elves.

Recent HistoryEdit

Larynne did not stick with Kael'thas for long and disappears from all records half a year after the destruction of Silvermoon. Having only recently resurfaced, she explains her absence by saying she has been part of the Reliquary over the years. However, rumours place her with various shady or even outlaw organisations like the Royal Apothecary Society, Venture Company, Scarlet Crusade and even the Twilight's Hammer. However, no one can verify these awful rumours. It is said she has taken part in many a raid on repositories of valuable knowledge and desecrated sacred places for the tiniest morsel of information.

Occupation and AffiliationsEdit

Larynne is currently not affiliated with any particular organisation but has in the past been with the armed forces of Silvermoon as well as, according to her, the Reliquary. She also appears to stand in particularly good standing with the Forsaken of Lordaeron.

Current records place her as a military and magic advisor to a high ranking city councilman in Silvermoon, though how she has managed to attain such a position with her dubious record is a mystery. She has also assumed direct command of the Unseen Vigil after her sister Calrys was deemed unfit to lead.

Criminal RecordEdit

- Insubordination (tried and acquitted)

- Conspiracy to commit murder (tried and acquitted)

- Grand larceny (tried and acquitted)

- Tampering with evidence (tried and acquitted)

- Witness intimidation (charges dropped)

- False imprisonment (charges dropped)

- Criminal battery (charges dropped)

Current StatusEdit

Alive, leading the Unseen Vigil


- Possesses a peculiar, obscure symbol tattoo'd around her left eye.

- Larynne's original warhorse died decades ago but it appears Larynne made a pact with the Forsaken for them to resurrect her steadfast companion. It is unknown what she has done for the Forsaken to be granted such a favour.

- Larynne's drive for knowledge and relentlessness in obtaining it is loosely inspired by the Thousand Sons Chaos Legion and particularly Ahriman's warband. Her equipment and abilities also draw from the same source.

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