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Lashela Alania Greystroke of Stratholme, former Lady of Stormwind.

Physical TraitsEdit


A red-haired woman around her early 30s, always a grin drawn on her lips. Her manners are cold, but extremely polite, though her gaze feels derogatory and arrogant.

Lashela's body build is extremely slim, with very stressed hips, and small breasts, though her features are beautiful and delicate. A sweet fragance of herbs surround her.

Race and ClassEdit

Female human. Warlock and doctor.






Last child of the Greystroke family, from Lordaeron. Any member of the family, though, will deny any relationship with her. Daughter of Morgan Greystroke, and Lashela Alania, both deceased.

Matron of the Alania family (See House Alania), but banished from the human lands and stripped from her title.


Origins of The Dark Embrace, and early storyEdit

Any trace of Lashela's past is very hard to find, as if someone carefully erased every record of it, most of it just being small bits, and comments from those that once knew her.

Lashela started studies as priestess of the light in her home city, Stratholme, but was soon expelled from the order. Her teachers said she questioned everything and could not "embrace the light" because of those doubts beyond faith.

After that she moved to Dalaran, where excelled at magic studies, despite her guardian's strong rejectal, Zaharus Greystroke, her grandfather. Few mentions regarding this matter, specially after the last war. Looks like she was a classmate of Jaina Proudmoore, and established a (one-way) rivalty with her.

The last record, until a couple of years ago, speaks of her and the rests of the Greystroke family establishing in Southshore.

She was the head mistress of the Royal Apothecary Society of Stormwind, built again after the kingdom of Lordaeron was destroyed by The Scourge, and taking shelter in Stormwind City. She hold the title of Mistress, and performed as head doctor of the city for two years.

It has been found strong evidence of her being the mastermind behind The Dark Embrace, a cult that worships the religion of The Shadows, and wishes to hold domination over the human kingdoms. She was the one leading the attack to Lakeshire, in which the city was seriously damaged, and almost destroyed.

The Faith, The Demon, The Queen of SnakesEdit

After The Embrace's bold attack at Lakeshire, she held strong grip on the northern city of Southshore, using the former guards of the Greystroke family to build up a stronghold for the dark cult, called 'Brotherhood' from those who were a part of, and naming himself "Faith" of said brotherhood.

A group of heroes, under the guidance of Karina managed to pull a successful attack to the city, now a bastion of Darkness, in which, supposedly, Lashela died. However, her death was only a set-up to escape the imprisonment that would follow her defeat.

After the strike that weakened the "Brotherhood's" control of the north, they went into hiding again, slowly waiting for the people to forgive. Using Ambermill as base of operations, they slowly re-built up her army. However, the Embrace's diva didn't seem like herself anymore. A strife for control surged from within the dark cult, to which Lashela looked oblivious to.

No mention to Lashela or her fate can be found until several months later.

Path towards RedemptionEdit

Eventually, The Dark Embrace regrouped and appeared in stage again, filling the black market with a magic drug of their own design, called the Blood Mist, and slowly gaining presence within The Alliance, from the shadows. Starlight's Lord Protector Nomine assembled a strong attack force under his banner to deal a finishing move against the association.

The great battle took place on Darkshore, deep within the old ruins of Mathystra, that were no other than the refuge of the new leader of the "brotherhood", Lashela's former apprentice, Annarima deLaVey. However, gathered between the strike force there was one figure out of place: that of Lashela herself, fighting against her once comrades.

Unawere of her intentions, Starlight would had never accepted the witch's aid if it weren't for Nomine's, even if barely, trust on her and her powers.

The clash between both forces left deep scars on each side, and ended with a massive explosion from within the cave, of unknown origins. Last reports inform of her presence within Stormwind's Mage Tower, in where she left Lord Protector Nomine heavily wounded, only to disappear using magical means moments after.

Criminal RecordEdit

Revealed as leader of The Dark Embrace. She's guilty for said association attacking Lakeshire, summoning an army of demons in Redridge, and the slaughter of dozen of innocents. The charges are as they follow:

  • Treason towards the Royal Crown.
  • Murder.
  • Consorting with demons.
  • Practice of The Dark Arts.

She's been found guilty of all charges, and is wanted dead by the High Lords of the Alliance.


  • Lashela allows no-one to call her by her first name, instead forcing others to call her either Lady Alania or Mistress Alania.
  • The ancient rugged book that carries everywhere with her is a spell grimoire, that belonged previously to her mother, and to her grandmother. There is, as well, a second tome chained to her belt, that is supposed to be the source of her powers.
  • Many rumours state that she is an excellent dancer. However, no one has seen her dance, not even in private balls.
  • Lashela is, by all means, human, since both her parents were human as well. This may sound obvious, but some crazy rumours state she is a demon of the Burning Legion.
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