• Name-Last Legion of Lordaeron(Formely Stratholme 3rd Batalion,re-named Post Third War)
  • Type-Heavy/MediumRP Guild
  • Theme-Alliance Military Legion based around Lordaeron to cleanse the land.
  • Current Grand Marshal-Grand Marshal Antephitase (Unknown last name)

Introduction Edit

Who are we?Edit

We are the "Last Legion of Lordaeron",we fight to retake the Northlands and slay the high ranking soldiers of the scourge! We seek to cull the towns that they've taken over and do the same to Forsaken settlements!

Can I join?Edit

Of course you can! As long as you can Roleplay and can level up then you are welcome! Just contact a member of the Legion and you can be invited! You will need to know some History behind the Scourge and Lordaeron etc.!

Allies and EnemiesEdit

The Legion has allied with Temple Knights and The Forgotten Few,and the alliance is strong.


After the Burning Legion created the Plague of Undeath,the soldiers and civilians fell to it,many soldiers and civilians had to evacuate south to Stormwind and Stromgarde..some of the soldiers united under one banner of The Last Legion of Lordaeron,a mixture of both civilian and soldier alike.The Legion now uses the remaining Alliance towns in Lorderon to help them fight the Scourge.

Rank SystemEdit

The Legion uses the old Lordaeron systems to rank,not the Stormwind one;

((Ranks need to be changed))

Footman-Basic Soldier.
Cavalry-Mounted warriors,will attack after the Footmen.
Sergeant-Higher than the Foot man and Cavalry,command the two lower ranks.
Knight-Honored Soldiers who have shown greatness in Battle.
Knight Sergeant-Commands the Knights all together as one.
Lieutenant-A strong rank who'll command with an Ironfist.
Lieutenant Captain-Another stronger rank that is normally the Captain's Second in Command.
Captain-Controls a small Squad of their choice,will have a Lieutenant Captain to take over when away.
Field Marshal-This one soldier has been given the great honor of commanding the Legion when the Grand Marshal is away.
Grand Marshal-The current strong leader of the Legion,he is liked by all in Lordaeron.Currently held by Laredo Moonstrider.


The Legion holds many events such as killing the Forsaken in many villages,helping the cause at Stromgarde,killing the Scourge of Stratholme and Scholomance and alot more.

Events are,like in any other guild,a big part in the Legion,but due to the RP situation,they only consist in the Hillsbrad Foothills.

Legion MembersEdit

Higher TierEdit

Grand Marshal Antephitase
Field Marshal Akoras Hearthman-Leader
Field Marshal Elogh Varim
General Aydun Lightfist-Akoras' Adviser

Sergeant Jangleton .... -Tinker/Professor of the Legion.

Past/Deceased MembersEdit

Captain Bén Frostmoore-Slain by Helghast,later resurrected but left the Legion to create his own Holy Order
Captain Tónny-Left to join The Ebon Order.

((more names need to be sorted out.))

((more coming soon))

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