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It was an autumn night within the walls of Stormwind, it had passed midnight and within a small, rented Terrence House laid Laureen Moonsong, her head resting upon the bear rug upon the floor of the home which was too small to fit a bed inside with the amount of bookcases the owner of the home had. There she laid from a hard day at work at the hospital; it had been autumn harvest around the fields of Elwynn forest and it was always common to have accidents whilst the harvest commenced, there was nothing serious, usually broken limbs or minor cutting to the flesh. Though those wounded were more commonly inexperienced work hands such as men and women looking for a little more money to take home to the family those few days.

Laureen was fast asleep by this time, though she had waited for her partner, Blueleaff to return from her duties, her adopted daughter; Jessica was safely and calmly sleeping in the cradle on the second floor covered with a light and small blanket that covered the Draenei infant indefinitely. Laureen herself was covered in a large, thick blanket covered in Draenic runes and Symbols of the light and those of the Naaru; the blanket was far too big for her alone, easily covering two or three even four people if they huddled together. Laureen lay there in peaceful harmony as she began to descend into the land of the dreaming, a place she enjoyed much as most do, here what ever she desired happened, be it happiness, enjoyment, passion it was her small place at which she could dictate what she could, though it was not always the case.

She had always been told about dreams, Blueleaff being a follower of the arts of Druidism she knew much about them, how wonderful and delightful they could be, or how unpleasing and in some cases….horrific they could be, whether they were the body and soul telling the mind of what they felt, whether it was fear, the desire for happiness or being happy or in some cases the need for bodily intercourse or the desire of it. Or if the dream was in fact a message from Ysera herself, warning or telling of events to come or receiving a premonition. Regardless of these facts, Laureens dreams had only one thing that was similar, Blueleaff was usually in it in someway or another.

The scene was set in Nagrand, the grassy plains of Draenor. This was a special place for Laureen, she was always mesmerised by its beauty and looked in wonder at the floating islands which water descended from and trees grew from, it was Spectacular for her for she enjoyed the openness of it, it was far from her secluded life of the monastery or her home of which she had been kept for most of her years. It was one of those small Islands upon which her dream took place, apart from the Arena upon which much blood was spilt inside, the view was Glamorous upon her sight, a gentle breeze brushed past her face as she released a relaxed breathe, turning around she view Blueleaff with a smile, though the smile disappeared as she saw her other half, sitting, facing a large tree in front of her.

“Blueleaff” Laureen spoke in a soft voice, slowly beginning to approach her, Blueleaff sat in perfect stillness as she faced the tree, her voice too quiet to hear anything whilst she muttered to herself, though her tone seemed questioning and demanding. Laureen continued to approach, worry now planted upon her face; the muttering getting louder as she got ever closer, was it because she was getting closer? Or was Blueleaff muttering louder upon the approach. “Why did you let me die?”

The words were spoken too quickly to be heard, she cautiously kept creeping closer, she looks deeply worried as anyone upon this situation would be, her hands began to shake heavily, her breathing deep and heavy, her exhales being heard easily though it did not disturb Blueleaff from her position, keeping as still as a post Blueleaffs voice spoke again though louder and more clear this time.

“Why did you let me die?” Laureens face cringed into shock upon the words, she moved her hand hesitantly towards Blueleaffs shoulder, her speech in kind as she spoke “But…you’re not dead Blueleaff”. The druid rose from where she sat and spoke again, the words echoed around them both with a cold chill to the words, Laureens hand moved ever closer, her hand shaking ever more as she rested it upon Blueleaffs wooden shoulder guard.

At that moment the druid shot round, her hands gripping upon Laureens shoulders with a tight grip, the skin over her knuckles white from such a grip, her whole body now tense but her head, the skin and muscle upon her head not there, only a white Skull sat upon the neck, the skull so white it seemed it had been bleached, only her hair remained upon her head

“WHY DID YOU LET ME……..DIE!” she screamed at the top of her voice, the skin and muscle upon her body began to slowly disintegrate into nothing but dust, Laureen screamed in horror, using her leg muscles to propel herself from the screaming skeleton, losing her balance she tripped over her back leg and hitting the floor hard, using her hooves to push herself away.

“This is not real! You aren’t dead!”

the Clothed Skeleton continues to scream it words, from no where other, slightly smaller but similar skeletons began to scream like Carrion crows around a Carcass, no rhythm or organisation just one shouting to the other to Laureen, she covered her ears and closed her eyes, curling into a ball as she lie in terror, muttering to herself about the realism of this dream, the Skeletons did not move closer only screamed there chant before stop, a brief silence feel before the small ring of skeletons began a Chant, it echoed around the island as the larger, Skeleton raised it head into the air and lowered its jaw.

“Why...Why...why why why” the skeletons began to chant, there chant starting slow and calm before it slowly began get louder and more vigorous, the larger skeleton slowly began to shake and spasm from the chant whilst its head began to combust in holy fire which quickly devoured the skeletons body before causing it to explode and strike the other Skeleton around it, causing them to burst into flame and vaporise in nothing but small particles of dust.

It fell again into an awkward silence around the island, particles of white dust spread across the island, even a good amount of warm Dust covered Laureen as she lay cowering upon the floor, sobbing from the effect that just took place in front of her very eyes. Though eventually she rallied her courage and slowly opened her eyes with hesitation, her hands resting upon the ground tightly as she used her arms to push up her trembling body into a sitting position, unable to comprehend what had just happened, whether it was real or not, her breathing was heavy though surprisingly cold.

The eerie uneasy silence kept its hold upon the dream which was now completely still apart from Laureens desperate head movements, her eyes scanning around her to try and apprehend what had just happened, only to realise that the tiny pieces of dust began to roll, particle by particle to where Blueleaff had been sitting at the start of the dream. Piece by piece they began to move uninfluenced by anything, not even a lick of breeze to stir them forward to the spot but regardless they were moving in droves. It was a confusing sight to see as a small pile began to form, once it reached the height of ones ankle it began to shift rapidly all of the billons of pieces of bone dust began to form a hoof made of bone, a Draenei hoof to be exact, from there it formed a pair of hooves, the process becoming more rapid, the dust slithering along the hooves beginning to quickly form legs, then a pelvis and so forth until before Laureen stood yet another Skeleton, this time that of a Draenei.

Laureen’s face was twisted with a mix of confusion, sorrow and horror, even more so as the dusts began to turn different colours, in a grotesque display they began to from organs and muscle and wrap themselves accordingly around the skeleton, blood dripped from the new form, its eyes looking fixed upon Laureens fear stricken ones, she felt cold and terrified yet unable to turn her look away from the disgusting form before her, now the particles formed a dark blue look upon them, wrapping themselves delicately around the muscle to form skin upon the muscle, the gaps of skin sown together by holy flame whilst the remaining particles quickly acted and formed many different colours, quickly covering the Draenei before Laureen whom now looked Utterly fear stricken for before her stood her own mother, Amikii.

“Why did you let me die?” Amikii spoke calmly, though her fixed kept fixed upon Laureen whom kept her sitting position, trying to speak but hardly able to, eventually gathering her bravery and speaking quietly.

“Mother I……”

Amikii frowned and spoke harshly as she interrupted almost instantly

“Mother?! After what you did you dare to call me mother?!”

Laureen fell silent for a brief second; she began to stutter as she spoke, she was viably trembling in fear before speaking again

“I’m s-sorry, I was…was just confused and angry, I’m sorry…”

Laureen began to feel a fresh set of tears roll down her cheek as her mother kept her harsh, angered look upon her, her hands rested on her hips before she muttered a few words in Draenic, Holy flames incased the island, burning high and strong.

“And what is it you intended to achieve my dear…Daughter? To run away and be happy with that…woman? Amikii spoke, her harshness only worsened as she spoke.

Laureens heart began to race as her and her mother fought over what seemed to be her very soul with words, the flames burnt higher and more intense, her breathing hard and rapid, wincing in pain as she felt her heart pound hard in her chest.

“Well? What is so special that you would turn on your own parents for her? Well? What is it?”

Laureen closed her eyes quickly, she tried to gather her courage once again, she needed to and she could not let her mother beat her in her own dreams, not now, not ever, she dug her fingers into the hard earth before her, taking a moment of deep, harsh breaths before exclaiming

“I love her mother!”

She panted heavily from the exclamation, her chest rising up and down heavily from her rapid breathing, her expression turning to that of a confused look as her mother calmed herself

“Love? My dear. You have allowed this woman to corrupt you with that horrible taint she calls love, but it will all end in tears, its not real love at all.” The mother spoke calmly, now changing her tactics.

“It’s not tainted! It is a beautiful thing!” Laureen exclaimed again, she felt stronger now, a sense of hope that she could in fact win this conflict of ideals.

“A beautiful thing? And she told you this? More and abomination to everything we stand for, a disgusting disease of homosexuality that this corruptor has tainted you with using falsehoods and dreams of so called happiness” another familiar voice spoke out, from the heart of the purest of white flamed walked out a large, Draenei male. He stood tall and proud, her chest and arm muscles well developed with large leg muscles to match, his body crackling with holy flame.

Laureens hope sank as she noticed her father stepped out of the flame, he looked in fear once more as both of them stepped closer, the phrases echoing around the room as they knelt beside her, she fell to her back again, clenching her eyes closed and grasping her ears in an attempt to drown out the noise but her efforts were in vain, she could hear ever word clear as day.

“Corruption” “tainted love” “falsehoods” “Lies” it suddenly fell silent from the two as Laureen lay cowering on the floor once more, in a disgusting, grotesque performance Amakii began to metamorphoses, the Skin and muscle tearing itself from the bone as it shifted into a Kaldorei Skeleton, the muscle and skin then replacing itself upon the skeleton, of course now changing itself to the relevant colour.

Now sitting before Laureen was Blueleaff, a kind, gentle expression upon her face as she gently stroked Laureens quivering cheek, she breathed calmly as she was still wearing Amakiis clothing; Laureen opened her eyes slowly and cautiously, her glance catching both Blueleaff and Juhoon.

“This love is but a sick disease that as been inflicted upon you dear, you cannot deny that it will only lead to sorrow, such relationships are not true love, but like all Diseases, it is curable by fire”

Blueleaff slowly raised to her feet and walked over to flames, Juhoon slowly followed, his body tense, he looked infuriated but in his eye showed a hint of glee, knowing that his revenge will come, Blueleaff looked toward Juhoon and gave him a quick, but noticeable nod, Juhoons look changed to a grin as he almost instantly kicked Blueleaff into the flames, a agonizing scream escaped her lips but her face showed that of joy, a firm smile planted on her face before slowly disappearing into the flame.

Juhoon looked at a now weeping Laureen, her hand stretched towards the flame, the look of great loss now spread across her face like an infection, Juhoon looked at Laureens expression and simply grunted and walked over to her, talking quietly

“You took something very precious from me, now I have done the same. Justice has been served”

He grunted once more and turned towards the flame, slowly pacing, seeming to get ever slower the closer he got to the flame.

“Laureen?Laureen my love?” in Blueleaffs voice.

As Juhoon entered the holy flame is dissipated into nothing, leaving it very dark and cold where Laureen lay, though she only felt the briefly as she shot awake, her body covered in sweat and her breathing heavy and disturbed.

“Laureen?” Blueleaff spoke softly, though clearly she looked worried.

Laureen did not see this look however, only this skull from before and shot away from her partner, crawling towards the corner, curling into a ball and sobbing intensively.

“Something is wrong. That was no dream!” She thought to herself before allowing Blueleaff to gently take her into her embrace.

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