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Rain Thundered off the pavement. And Officer Edward Hymm of The State of Stormwind peers through the gloom. "Oh yes" he thought "just like old times." Hymm wandered through the rain he remembered When he was a watchman up north. When he was a Missionary. When he was a Lightbringer....

It had seemed So Clear then.

So Precise.

Take on Evil halt it and Protect those who couldn’t themselves.

He grinned as the rain dripping off his hat He ran a hand over his armour. He dint need to feel them. He knew the scars from everything was there he’d been shot...burned...stabbed...beaten you name it he’d had it done to him. He felt happy he’d survived it all. The only thing he hadn’t survived was friendship. He remembered that most people he cared for went insane. Died because of different ideas. Or just because they where there. He bunched his fist he looked at his right arm. His metal hand gripped like his real one...but it was a cold reflection. Hymm wondered if he’d ever die for a good cause. He’d seen many die...but he had never died for one. Hymm laughed out loud in the rain.

in the dark of an ally way a criminal sharpened his blade he’d seen the man come up the road not really paying attention. he also had spotted the mans watch badge...faded and worn its seal of Lordaeron making the man seem like a ghost from the past. Hymm moved up the Street and then stood surprised as a knife sliced past his nose. Hymm heard an "Oh Shit..." come from the shadows and he punched out.

The would be mugger awoke tied to a lamp post with Hymm staring at him, the rain still pouring down. Hymm Said to the robber "so new in town?" the mugger nodded "Right" said Hymm “You have a boss somewhere...a new gangland idiot who pays you to kill people like me then?" The mugger nodded "Tell me where and I’ll let you go." The mugger nodded and said "A house near cut throat” Hymm laughed "oh THAT house. Okay ill let you go." Hymm unclipped the man’s handcuffs and asked him "you did try to kill me didn’t you?" the mugger nodded Hymm rabbit punched him out again " admitted it NOW I can keep you." Hymm attached him to the lamppost again

The man known as "The Boss" Heard the door knock and ignored it his boys’ wouldn’t have any swag tonight. Three heavy’s stood beside their boss the door knocked again louder. The boss ignored it there was a tiny noise such of a mouse sighing and the door was knocked on once more "Go see who that is!" Said the boss annoyed.

The Heavy slid back the door hatch and saw Hymm staring back at him "Hey yoos aint one of da b-" the man stopped this was because Hymm had punched straight through the door pushing the man quite a lot back.

Hymm jumped in annoyed he hated people who didn’t knock first time. the Remaining heavy’s pulled out flintlocks and shot at Hymm. Hymm dived forward his Mecha’ arm’s claw extending out, his other hand drawing his boot knife. his Mecha Claw tore through the first heavy killing him. The second went down after Hymm's dagger pierced his brain from under the jaw. Hymm looked at the carnage and looked at the stunned boss who stuttered "You aint human...Those where my best boys!" The boss drew his own flintlock and shot at Hymm, it hit Hymm’s armour and pinged off, Hymm grinned "Mr. Bossman. You just hit one of the States’ soldiers...the penalty for that is death." Hymm Drew His Broadsword he hadn’t even used it that night and squared the boss thought the stomach. He wiped the blade clean and sheathed it, recovering his boot dagger. Many people would sleep safe. Many not so safe. There was a law on the streets, it was called Edward Hymm.

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