Leonora of Northshire. Leo for friends, signing with Leonora or even her full name in case of official missives. If any title is used, only "principal" is not frowned upon. Bowing, kneeling, and all other kinds of humuliation is not accepted as Leonora firmly believes that you are too worthy to do that.

Physical TraitsEdit

Average height, not bulky muscular but strong due to all her explorations. Practical appearance; usually in her healing gear because you never know what emergency lays around the corner. Only for official meetings she may exercise her vain streak and put on a fancy dress. Short hear to not get hair in the way when examining wounds.

When Leonora is walking in small, erratic patterns she is usually thinking of finding solutions to one of the many problems that has come on her path to solve.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Priest


Stormwind Academy, of which she is co-founder and principal. She took the leadership over from her friend Yavanne, who had to return to her families farm in Northshire to help.


Leonora is the head of Stormwind Academy, and also frequently travels the lands to help healing her exploring friends. While she maintains a rather independent position for her academy, she obeys the King of Stormwind. Leonora is a rather accomplished seamstress and enchanter, and generally aims to gain knowledge to help her academic members and friends.


She is originally a farmersdaughter from around Northshire. Hard work, nice and quiet youth, nothing special. Parents still alive... seems rare these days. Her bests friends were Yavanne and Vivelle, both living on nearby farms.

At some rare free moments she decided to walk around and ended up in the Abbey of Northshire. What she saw there was to her liking - especially the training for priests. She already learned a lot from her parents on the arts of healing. After some thinking she finally decided to tell her parents about this calling. And, big surprise - they didnt mind her taking off at all!

So, off she went, and along the way she found out that this priestly vocation really fits her. Despite a lot of advice she even aimed for the holy branch from the beginning - only taking a few tidbits of shadow knowledge from conversations with fellow students.

Around the age of 28 her friends Yavanne, Esmillia and Vivelle asked her to take leadership of the Stormwind Academy; Yavanne's father was becoming old, and she was forced to return to his farm to help out, and Vivelle disappeared for mysterious reasons. She still visits Yav there now and then, and Yav still maintains the treasury of the Academy - so that she has a reason to return to Stormwind.

With the support of the Mentors of Stormwind Academy she became and stayed as principal of the academy. Besides that she always stayed up to date with her healing specialisation.

How her history is while leading her beloved Academy, and what she all experienced while accompanying her friends and students into dark adventures... is to experience along with her. maybe she will one write some memoirs on this.


Leonora's parents, who still live, are normal, hardworking farmers in Northshire.

Personal NotesEdit

Due to personal issues I can not as often as I like participate in RP events. I am now and then asked to perform weddings, I like being healer in RP events, and for the rest I live to be the principal as described in the above page. Sometimes I participate in the current alliance councils that pop up now and then, depending on the current state of these personal issues. However, even if I dont take part personally, I always act as conduit to bring possible RP events to my Academic members.

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