Name Edit

Leriah Rahn, Missionary of the Scarlet Crusade

Physical Traits Edit

A woman in her early 20's. Hair hanging straight down, looking like it could use some taking care of. When she is out of stormwind she won't be seen without her two well-polished swords. A number of bottles marked "poison" line her belt and a dagger tied to the back of that same belt. When she walk around Stormwind she will most likely be wearing her Scarlet Missionary uniform.

Race and ClassEdit

Human ; Rogue

Guild Edit

Scarlet Missionary

Occupation Edit

Preacher of the Scarlet Crusade. Herbalist and alchemist.


Father: Welmar Rahn Mother: Anna Rahn-Arthis Sister: Yoshio Rahn

Family Background Edit

A family of born farmers, Leriah and Yoshio are the first ones to break the family tradition.

Personal Backgroundstory Edit


‘What’s the matter?’
15 year old Leriah Rahn, daughter of Welmar Rahn and Anna Rahn-Arthis, sat down next to her 3 year older sister, Yoshio, who had a troubled look on her face.
‘Having trouble with boys?’ she tried to kid when she did not get an answer, all she got back from her sister was an empty look. ‘Well, if you do not want to tell me suit yourself!’
Leriah stood up and started walking back to the farm when she heard her sister asked her to come back. Quickly she turned around and sat down next to Yoshio again.
‘I am sick of this farmer’s life…’ Yoshio said. ‘I want to adventure, want to be free!’
Leriah was kind of shocked by this statement, as Yoshio always seemed to enjoy doing jobs at the farm.
‘But, what about mom and dad, what about me?’ She asked.
‘I am sorry, little sister, but if I don’t do this, I will never be truly free, never be truly happy.’ Yoshio looked at Leriah, who had some tears rolling across her cheeks.
‘I don’t want to lose you sis! Please don’t go away!’ Her voice showed marks of stress.
‘I don’t want to lose you either, but this is something I’ve got to do. I have made my choice, I am leaving tonight.’ Yoshio said determent. ‘Please do me a favour little sis, and don’t tell mom and dad about this before I go, because they would tie me up to a tree before letting me leave.’
Leriah nodded in confirmation. ‘But what will you do when you get away from here?’
‘I want to find a master who can train me in the use of a sword, I want to be a warrior.’ Yoshio looked at the horizon again, glassy eyes, daydreaming of a possible future.
‘Will you coma back to see me sis?’ Leriah asked emotional.
‘Yes, I promise I will.’ Yoshio said.
Together they sat there for the most part of the evening, until rain started falling from the sky, forcing them inside.

As promised. Leriah had said not a word to her parents about Yoshio’s plans. When, the following morning her parents wondered what was taking Yoshio so long to get up from bed and decided to take a look all they found was an empty room, with a note lying on the straw mattress. After reading the note, which said almost the exact same as which Yoshio had said to Leriah the evening before, her parents burst out in tears, crying over her leaving, and crying over that which might happen to her on the way.

Weeks passed, and Leriah’s parents slowly started to pick up work again after the shock of what Yoshio had done. Leriah passed most of her days sitting on top of a cliff that had a clear view over a great distance of the road, the only road, leading to the farm. Everyday she sat there, watching, waiting, hoping the she would see Yoshio walking down that road to come visit her younger sister. But she never came.
Leriah grew more impatient and worried by the day and, the day she turned 16, she went up to her parents, a determent look on her face.
‘Mom, dad, I am going away to look for Yoshio.’
Her parents were shocked, as she had expected them to be at the idea of losing their other daughter as well. ‘Are you sure about that dear?’ Her mother asked. ‘You do know the perils of the outside world and what has probably happened to her, right?
‘Yes mother, I know.’ Leriah answered.
‘But... You’re only 16 years old!’ Her father replied. ‘At least wait until you’re 18, like your sister did before going.’
‘Yes father, I am 16 years old, which means I’m old enough to make decisions for myself now. And I decided to look for my sister.’
‘Very well, if you are sure.’ Her father said, defeat sounding in his voice. He knew his daughter well enough to know that once she had something in her head, it was neigh impossible to get her to drop it. ‘But at least stay a little longer, just today, and then you can leave in the morning, so you are well rested for the long journey.’
Leriah nodded in agreement. Just one day wasn’t going to make much of a difference, was it?

Early the next morning. Leriah was standing at the door, ready to leave, a knapsack on her back holding food her mother prepared for her, enough for at least two weeks, and 3 skins filled with fresh water. Her parents were standing in front of her, holding each other, crying.
‘Well, I must be going now.’ Leriah said, trying to sound brave, sadness finding it’s way into her voice nonetheless. Her parents did not say anything, they just stood there in defeat, the idea of losing their second daughter eating away at them.
Leriah turned around and started walking, farther and farther she walked, not daring to look back in fear that, if she saw her parents standing there like that, she might be urged to run back and stay, if just for the sake of her parents.

After an uneventful journey of a few days Leriah found herself at the huge gates of the city of Stormwind. Hopefull of finding her sister in this large town, where warriors were surely being trained, she stepped through the gates, getting an approving nod from the guard stationed there.
The city was larger then she had expected and it was not too soon before she was lost. She found herself in a part of town where smog hung over the streets like a think blanket. Strange machines were standing everywhere, emitting roaring noises that made the place seem even more creepy. Due to the smog her sight was not much more then a few meters, so she did not notice 3 pares of eyes watching her, observing every move she made.

When she walked past a small side alley, riddled with litter, the observers moved in and pushed her into the alley. Leriah had no idea what was going on, one moment she was walking out on the street, trying to find her way, the next moment she was lying, face down, in the trash. She felt small hands exploring her body, and then roughly turning her on her back. She looked at her attackers, three gnomes, each as evil looking as the next, were looking down on her, lust in their eyes. Leriah tried to scream for help but as soon as she opened her mouth one of the gnomes stuffed a filthy rag in it, effectively silencing her. She stugled, but the combined strength of the gnomes was too much for her. No way to escape, no way...
One of the gnomes began tearing away her clothing, revealing more and more bare skin. Leriah felt like she was dreaming, this had to be a nightmare, this could not be anything else then a nightmare. She closed her eyes, hoping that, when she opened them again, she would lie in her bed, safe from the gnomes, safe from everything. When she opened her eyes she say one gnome had pulled his pants down and positioned himself between her legs to take her forcefully. She quickly closed her eyes again, trying to find a save spot inside her mind. Suddenly she felt the gnome penetrating her, having his way with her while his buddies held her down.

As sudden as it started it was over, she felt the gnome get away from her, but something was amiss, he was yelling, sounding afraid, and so were his friends, then, silence, nothing but silence.
Leriah opened her eyes and looked around. There was blood everywhere. When she looked to the side she saw the decapitated body of one of her assaulters. Looking up she saw a night elf, tower above her with great height. He put out his hand as to help her up. Leriah looked at him sceptical, but his grand smile convinced her that he was not like the gnomes. She took his hand and let him help her up, he then took the cape from his back and used it to cover up her almost fully naked body.
‘Are you all right?’ He asked, his voice showing his concern about her wellbeing.
Leriah merely nodded, as she was still shocked about the events and had no idea what exactly had just happened.
‘You are in shock… You must rest now, come with me.’ He said as he started to gently pull her with him, away from the alley. First those gnomes and now this guy, Leriah didn’t know what was going on anymore and started to panic. She struggled to free herself from the grasp of the elf. All she wanted was to get away, out of this city. All she wanted was to go back home. As she struggled she started feeling light-headed. Then… Darkness, nothing but darkness.


Leriah carefully opened her eyes. Half hoping to awaken in her own bed, awaken from this nightmare. The room she was lying in, however, did not look familiar to her. She sat right up and looked around the room. It was decorated with various elves trinkets on shelves along the walls. On the other side of the small room there was a stove used for cooking, and in the centre a small table with 3 chairs around it. Her eyes were drawn to the corner farthest away from the bed she was sitting on. There she saw him sitting half hidden in the shadows. The elf who had saved her.
‘Who are you and why did you bring me here?’ She asked him, believing there had to be some reason for him to take her here and take care of her.
‘My name is Benson.’ He said with a deep but gentle voice. ‘And the reason I took you here is because you needed help. If you prefer me to have left you lying there, passed out, waiting for the next group of gnomes to use you, or rather your body, that can be arranged.’
Leriah shuddered at the idea. ‘No, I don’t think I would prefer that. Thank you kind sir for saving me from those demented gnomes. But now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go. I need to find my sister.’ She tried to stand up from the bed, but nearly passed out from a sudden pain in her left leg, so she quickly sat down again.
‘I would not advice walking just yet.’ The elf said. ‘Your ankle has been broken by those damn gnomes.’
Defeated, Leriah let herself fall backwards into lying position again.
‘What were you doing in that part of town anyway? It’s not like there’s anything there for you humans anymore.’ Benson asked, while moving from the corner to a stool standing next to the bed.
‘I… I am looking for my sister.’ Leriah answered. ‘She left our farm to see the world, to become a warrior. I thought someone in this town might know her, but… I got kinda lost…’
‘Your sister hmm, what’s her name?’
‘Her name is Yoshio. Yoshio Rahn.’ Leriah said, a tear rolling across her cheek.
Benson thought hard for a moment. ‘No, can’t say I’ve heard of her. But then again, this is a pretty large city, and it would be impossible for one to know everyone inside the town walls.’
Leriah looked defeated.
‘You know what?’ Benson said. ‘You just stay in bed here and rest that ankle of yours, and then I will go out there and inquire about your sister with a few friends of mine.’
‘Why would you do that? Why are you helping me?’ Leriah asked, still a bit suspicious of his motives.
‘Because I like you.’ Benson said with a smile on his face, after which he stood up and walked out the door, leaving Leriah behind.
She didn’t know what was happening, but she did know that, for now, she had to rest.

Weeks passed by, and Leriah’s ankle was almost completely healed. Benson had been taking care of her, giving her food and water multiple times a day, and been looking for her sister, unsuccessfully. With his help Leriah made short walks around the house. It still was pretty painful to put weight on her ankle, but there was progress.
When first outside Leriah noticed she had been living on a small farm. Stormwind city was nowhere in sight. As far as she could see there was farmland, being taken care of by strange looking mechanical creatures, which were harvest golems, as Benson told her later, and it would be best for her to stay as far away from them as possible.

It was during one of these walks when Benson threw a sword at her. As she caught it she looked at Benson, confused.
‘I need to get some sparring done, or I’ll lose my touch.’ He said, smiling that comforting smile of his. ‘And seeing as you are almost better, what better way to train that ankle to full strength again then a good friendly sparring match?’
She looked from Benson to the sword. It was a simple blade, with dull edges. Not a very useful blade for those with the intent to kill, but for a sparring match it would just do fine.
Leriah had once held mock swordfights with her sister using sticks. And although she could never win from her sister, she could still hold her own.
As Leriah lifted her blade and stepped into position, Benson’s smile faded and was replaced by concentration. ‘Go on Leriah, attack me!’ He taunted her.
Leriah charged forward, thrusting the blade at him. He easily parried and, with a quick sidestep, found himself behind her, holding his blade to her neck.
‘You don’t want to tell me that’s all you’ve got, do you?’ He asked, enraging Leriah.
‘Of course not, I’ll show you!’ She said, a smile on her face, while they both stood in position again.
This time Benson started the attack, but Leriah was ready. She parried him and made a quick sidestep, trying to take him from the side. He, however, was prepared for this and turned with her, making sure she could not get him from his weak, unprotected side. Low blows and high blows followed up on each other in rapid succession as the fight raged on.
‘You’re doing quite good!’ Benson yelled, trying to make himself heard over the noice of swords banging against each other.
Leriah did not say anything back, she merely grinned.
It had become a battle of willpower, the one who made the first mistake would lose, and they both knew it. They were both not willing to lose.
Then, suddenly, Leriah felt her ankle hurting again, the burning pain made her lose all concentration. Benson saw an opening and went in, quickly disarming her.
‘I won again.’ He said with satisfied look on his face, which faded as soon as he saw the grimace on Leriah’s face. ‘Are you all right?’
‘It’s my ankle.’ Leriah said, obviously in pain. ‘It’s hurting like hell.’
Benson looked at her ankle moving it around a bit sending short waves of pain through her body.
‘It’s not broken again.’ He said with relieve. ‘We may have just put a bit too much strain on it. I think it’s about time you let your ankle get some rest again.’
Leriah nodded and, leaning on his shoulder, they went inside the house.

More time passed and Leriah and Benson had more and more sparring matches, Leriah becoming better and better with a sword. For a time she had completely forgotten about her sister, being happy with the way things were.
‘You are getting quite good with a sword Leriah.’ Benson told her one day as they were sitting at the small table in the farm eating breakfast.
Leriah heard a strange tone in his voice, as if he wanted to say something but could not get himself to say it.
‘Is there anything you want to tell me?’ She asked, looking him straight in the eyes. ‘You sound so… Far away.’
‘I’m sorry…’ He answered. ‘It’s just that, well, I’ve gotten some bad news.’
‘What kind of news?’
‘It’s about your sister.’
Leriah’s eyes grew wide, she just knew something had happened to her sister, the tone in his voice did not leave much room for interpretation. ‘What happened to her?’ She asked him, fearing the answer he might give her.
‘They, they found her body just outside of Stormwind city a few days ago. I know it had to be her because her description matched the one you gave me.’
‘A few days ago? Why did you not tell me sooner?!’ Leriah panicked, her sister could not die, she promised she’d come back to see her!
Seeing the emotion in Leriah’s eyes Benson threw his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close to him. ‘I only heard it from one of my contacts this morning.’ He whispered in her ear. ‘Don’t you think I would have told you sooner if I knew?’
He had a point there, but Leriah could not care less. For minutes all she did was cry, she cried until she had no more tears to spill. Then she looked up at Benson, red eyed. ‘I want to see her body.’
‘I’m sorry but you can’t, they have disposed of it already.’
‘Disposed of it?’
‘Yes, they burned it, like they do with all unknown bodies they find.’
Leriah’s head dropped on the table. Defeat. How could this have happened? If only she had not stayed with Benson for so long and went out to search for her again. She could have found her, she could have saved her sister!
‘Do you know who is responsible for her death?’ She finally asked.
‘Yes, I have heard it was a group called the Scarlet Crusade. Apparently they thought she carried the scourge with her and slaughtered her.’
‘Where can I find them.’ Leriah said determined. ‘I will make them pay!’
‘You can’t. Not now.’ Benson hold her shoulder to keep her from standing up and rushing towards Stormwind. ‘They are too strong a group for you to go up against. Not on your own at least.’
‘Then what do you suggest? Do you want me to just sit here and do nothing about it?’ Leriah started getting angry at Benson for not letting her revenge her sister.
‘No, That is not what I suggest.’ Benson said on a serious tone. ‘I suggest you join with a group that can help you, assist if you will, to revenge your sister.’
Leriah looked at him sceptically. ‘Is there such a group then?’
‘Oh, more then you can imagine. A lot of organisations have good reason to get rid of those Scarlets.’
‘Then, tell me, where can I find such an organisation?’ Leriah didn’t care if she had to join some shadowy organisation, all she could think off was killing those responsible for her sister’s death.
‘I happen to know the hiding place of one such organisation. I will take you there tomorrow morning.’
Happy enough with this answer, Leriah stood up and walked out the door. She spend the rest of the day standing in front of the farm, looking at the fields. As she had looked out over the road leading to her parent’s farm so long ago.


Leriah had not been able to get much sleep that night. She kept turning around in anticipation of what was to come. The next morning when Benson stood up he found A complete breakfast on the table, Leriah sitting on the chair farthest away from him.
‘Good morning.’ She said. ‘I could not sleep so I thought I’d repay the favour of all those times you made me breakfast.’
Benson sat down at the table and started to eat.
‘This tasted really good!’ He muttered while stuffing his mouth with a boiled egg.
Leriah merely smiled. Not in the much for too much talking. All she wanted was to get going to that organisation he told her about.
When Benson was done eating he switched his night clothes for an outfit which Leriah had not seen him wear before. He was now clad totally in black leather, and wore a red facemask, covering his nose and mouth.
‘Let’s go.’ He said to her, not answering to her questioning looks to his clothes.
He walked out the door and started crossing a field. Leriah quickly closed the door behind her and ran to catch up to him. For a short while they walked until they reached an abandoned town. At least, only at first glimpse. As soon as they entered the town people came out of hiding all over the place, all wearing the same black leather outfit and red facemask as Benson. She decided not to ask Benson what was going on here, as it did not seem very appropriate. They went into an old dilapidated looking inn, where they went on to the upper floor and into one of the rooms.
Several men were sitting in the room, waiting for them apparently.
‘So, you are finally here.’ Said one of the men. Big shouldered, sharp sword strapped to his waist. It appeared he was their leader.
‘We had to avoid some field I’d usually cross so it took a bit longer.’ Benson answered. ‘Some of those golems of yours are starting to become a real problem Edwin.’
‘Yes, I know.’ The man called Edwin said. ‘But if we remove them there is a chance the farmers may come back, and we don’t want that, now do we?’
Benson shook his head in agreement. ‘Anyway, we are here now. Gentlemen, I’d like for you to meet Leriah Rahn, the girl I told you about.’
‘Ah yes.’ Said Edwin, inspecting Leriah. ‘Looking good there. And you said she had some skill with a blade too?’
‘Yes, she has quite some potential as a swordfighter.’
Leriah could not stand it anymore. ‘Who are you people?’ She blurted out.
‘Haha, a feisty one, I like that.’ Edwin said, looking at her with a smile on his scarred face. ‘Tell her who we are Benson.’
‘Certainly.’ Benson answered as he turned to Leriah. ‘We are the Defias brotherhood. Our goal, or at least one of our goals, is to rid Stormwind of the demented rule of the house of nobles. They are an unjust organisation that seems to made keeping people poor and unhappy one of their main goals.’
‘I thought you said you were an anti Scarlet organisation?’ Leriah asked.
‘Not anti Scarlet per say. But the Scarlets have been a thorn in our eye for quite some time now, as they are one of the few organisations in Stormwind that are organised well enough to put a stop to our organisation. That is why they must be dealt with.’
Leriah nodded. ‘I see. So, what do I do to sign up?’
Edwin laughed. ‘You just did girl! Welcome to the brotherhood. You will begin your training under master swordsman Lamar in one hour. He will teach you how to really use a sword.’

Thus was the beginning of a very long and harsh training. Leriah was taught how to remain unseen, how to sneak up on people to assassinate them. She was taught how to use daggers, and how to fight using two swords.
After a few years of training she was finally deemed ready and was called for by Edwin.

‘It’s about time you went on your first mission.’ He said to her, a smirk on his face.
Leriah nodded. ‘Tell me what to do.’
‘That’s the spirit. Now, I want you to assassinate a certain Scarlet.’ Leriah’s face was lit up from the sudden excitement. ‘You will find her standing in front of the gates of Stormwind, as she will be expecting someone to show up for her there. Make sure you stay in the darkness and let nobody see you.’
‘I will not disappoint you, sir.’ Leriah said, great determination in her voice.
‘I do not expect you to, girl.’ Edwin said, turning around and walking away.
Leriah turned around, ready to go off to Stormwind, when she nearly had a heart attack.
‘Don’t you ever sneak up on me like that again Benson!’ She yelled at the elf standing only a few centimetres from her.
‘Sorry, I just could not resist.’ Benson said with a great smirk on his face. ‘Are you ready to go?’
‘Of course I am!’ She shouted, still stressed from his sudden appearance.
‘Good, shall we go then?’
‘We? What do you mean we?’ Leriah asked, confused.
‘You don’t think we’d let someone like you, going out for the first time, go on her own, now did you?’ Benson answered.
‘I guess not. But I am the one that gets to kill the Scarlet!’ She warned him.
Benson smiled at her enthusiasm to kill. ‘All right, let’s get going, we have a log walk ahead of us.’

It was dark out, the gates of Stormwind city lied before them like the open mouth of a huge demon, ready to swallow them. For a second Leriah was taken back to the previous time she was here. Images of the gnomes who used her flashed before her eyes. Then she shut the memories out, No need to think of something like that, it would only weaken her.
She and Benson had just taken a position in a bush near the entrance when a shadowy figure came walking from the city towards the gate. All Leriah could see were glimpses of red as the Light of the torch the figure was holding reflected on the armour. By the look of the figure and way of walking it was a female.
The scarlet stood by the gate and looked around as if expecting something, or someone. Leriah could not see her face, as she did not hold the torch high enough to illuminate it.
‘I’m going in.’ She whispered to Benson as she silently began to move. Hands trembling from excitement she moved behind her victim and stood ready for the kill. Then, just as she was about to slit her target’s throat, the Scarlet turned around.
Leriah’s eyes grew wide, she looked as if she had seen a ghost. In front of her stood a noble knight, a Scarlet ready to do anything in the name of the holy Light. In front of her… Stood her sister.


‘Yoshio?’ Leriah said in shock.
‘Leriah? Little sis, is that you?’ the Scarlet said in amazement.
Tears dropping from her eyes, Leriah had no idea what to do. All her ideals, all her believes had just been torn to shreds. All that the Defias, that Benson had told her were lies. They had to be lies. Not only was her sister alive, she was also a Scarlet. If her sister was part of that organisation, they could not be bad people, right? Her sister would not work with bad people! She realised she had made a mistake in trusting, and believing in, Benson and his associates.
Leriah dropped the knife she held in her hand and fell down on her knees.
‘Forgive me sister, please, for what I was about to do! I didn’t know! I swear to the Light I didn’t know!’
Leriah’s eyes will still bringing forth an unending flow of tears as she begged for forgiveness. Yoshio kneeled down in front of her younger sister and held her in her arms.
‘It’s okay.’ She whispered. ‘I don’t know what is going on, or what you have been through, but it’s allright. You’re safe here with me now.’
Leriah lifted her head up, looking in her sisters eyes, eyes she had though to never see again, when she suddenly saw a shadow behind her sister. Dangerously looming over her, dagger in hand, ready to strike.
‘Look out!’ Leriah yelled as she pushed her sister aside. The dagger just missed Yoshio, but buried its way into Leriah’s shoulder. Grimacing from the pain, Leriah forced herself to look into the eyes of Benson. All she saw was rage, the sweet caressing look he once had in his eyes was gone.
‘If only you had just slit her throat and killed her like the dog she is!’ He yelled at her. ‘Then it would not have come to this!’ He breathed heavily as he pulled the dagger from Leriah’s shoulder and held it up, ready to strike again, this time aiming for Leriah’s heart.
The dagger began moving downward, and Leriah closed her eyes, afraid of what was coming, even if she knew it was her own fault for trusting in the wrong people.
When nothing came, Leriah opened her eyes again to see Benson’s face close to hers. His eyes wide with shock, Blood gushing from his throat, effectively dyeing her black leather outfit a deep scarlet.
Looming over Benson’s body was Yoshio, sword dripping with blood.
‘Nobody touches my sister!’ She yelled at his dead body, as she kicked him off of Leriah.
She then extended her hand and helped Leriah up.
Both exhausted from excitement, they did not need to speak anymore as Yoshio lead Leriah to the nearest inn in Stormwind city. After getting a room and bandaging Leriah’s shoulder they both fell asleep instantly, not even bothering to take off their bloodied clothing.

The next day Leriah told her sister all that had happened to her, and her sister told her all about her adventures. How she had arrived in Stormwind, how she had been taken in by the Scarlet crusade and trained as a paladin, a warrior of the Light.
It was not long after this that Leriah threw off her past, and joined the Scarlet missionary, to serve the Light alongside her sister.

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