Facts Edit

Name: Lightray Starfire

Age: 1565

Race: Night Elf

Class: Hunter

Home: Where ever he sees fit

Physical Traits Edit

When you see Lightray you see a tall Night Elf with long green hair and he is very muscular. His body is covered with scars after all the battles he has been to in his life. On his right hand he has a mark that alerts him when people he cares about are in danger.

Family Edit

Wife: None

Father: Telsadril Starfire

Mother: Shirana Starfire

Brother: Salabadon Starfire and Aárkan Starfire

Sister: Lóck (Deceased)

Niece: Zemelia

Nephew: Salvano Starfire

Guild Edit

Lightray is guildless at the moment, but he is helping his brother Salabadon Starfire to make the new army.

Occupation Edit

Lightray is a skinner and a leatherworker.

Friends Edit

Best friend: Gammeldwarf

Other valued friends: Lunarlight, Nwarrior, Sheffield and Kybele

Background Edit

((He has decided to share his history later))

Criminal Record Edit

Lightray has commited a lot of crimes

1st: Attacked a villige sitting on the back of a dragon, while commanding an army of demons

2nd: Spreading a plaugue

3rd: Created a flood

4th: Helped Illidan

5th: Killed three brothers...Out of four

6th: Started numerous barfights

7th: Used his demonic powers on a person named Archmagician

8th: Caused street distubance in Stormwind City

Current Status Edit


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