Neutralcrest small Apprentice Lillian North
Lillian Northsteph
Title(s) Apprentice Pyromancer
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Mage
Age 20
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Affiliation Kirin Tor

The Society of Arcanists

Occupation Unemployed
Status Alive

Drawing by the awesomest Kaldira

Physical TraitsEdit

She stands a bit below the average height, a haggard female with slumped shoulders and thin arms kept tightly to herself to avoid conflict. Once vibrant, her neglected red hair protrudes from her hood, clinging to her ashen face. Her dim hazel eyes dart across the environment, eyeing passersby with apprehension. Dark circles linger beneath her downturned eyes, as does a thin, horizontal scar. The rest of them are modestly covered up with efficient, though unflattering attire; usually a leather jerkin ontop of a woolen sweater and unlike the stereotypical mage, she wears trousers. Despite her unhealthy and beaten outlook, there are traits hinting towards her youth: a rounded face with fairly smooth skin, strewn plentifully with freckles.

Character TraitsEdit

She's fickle, and have more than once switched position on a matter for her own convenience. She's introvert: she often shies away from large groups of people and rarely speaks unless she finds something worth mentioning. Paranoia and a wavering temperament occasionally causes her to treat people with hostility and deny advances by strangers. She could be considered a survivalist, she is primarily out to save her own hide before anyone elses', which makes her unreliable; yet having a strong sense of guilt and empathy for other people.


Born the 11th June during the second war, she's a human of Gilnean-Lordaeronian lineage and the second daughter of Shary and Boryan North, who - before the Greymane walls were built - moved to the west plains of Elwynn. She was the younger sister of Ranya, and elder sister of Elliot. Shortly before she turned seventeen, she left her home to become a mage apprentice at the Stormwind University.

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