Alliancecrest small Lithori Paisley
Gender Female
Race Half Elven
Class Mage
Age 26
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Affiliation Steamwheedle Cartel
Occupation Baker, Student
Status Alive


Lithori Paisley

Physical TraitsEdit

A bright young woman, her once waist long, flaming red hair is cut short till her neck, in the shape of a V. Her ears have this pointed shape, probably because of her lineage. She has freckles all over her nose and cheeks. Her Sea green eyes sparkle with mischief and curiousity. She's perhaps a little on the short side, reaching the top shelve is somewhat hard, but who cares!

She's often clad in Easy clothing, whatever is clean that day. A cloth choker hugs her neck, adorned with multiply gems, a larger blue gems hangs on the front of it.

Race and ClassEdit

(OOC)Human mage



  • "Arcane engineer"
  • Student at the University of Dalaran.
  • Co-owner/owner of the Bronze Bun, which sadly has been destroyed.
  • Al-round bookworm and nerd.


Father - George Paisley
Mother - Hannah Paisley-Clayworth
Sibling(s) - (twin)Faldain
Uncle - Marcus
Biological father- Unknown for now


Will be added soon

Family BackgroundEdit

Will be added soon

Criminal RecordEdit

Include or omit acording to the case.

Personal NotesEdit

Some stuff.


  • Lily - A slender white and red striped cat is often found at her feet or on her lap as she's studing.
  • Layla - After she recieved her lily at a lecture of the University, Lith finaly gave into her love for cats and got lily a playmate, this calico colored cat is often found in her room in Dalaran.


  • Flintlock - She has an odd looking Flintlock tugged between between her belt on her back, seems she isn't that afraid for someone else to steal it and use it- it doesn't seem to be able to hold bullets anyway.

There's a loop attached to it, shaped in the Kirin tor crest. Magical residue swirls aroung it, seems it's not your usual flintlock.

  • Choker - Decorated with blue gems, seemingly Quel'dorei craftmanship.
  • Shoulderbag - More often than not, she has a fairly large shoulderbag slung over her left shoulder, It's filled with several books, mostly study books. Writing tools, a brush and other useless woman things. There often comes a smell of freshly baked bread from the bag, inside she has a paperbag filled with cookies and other yummies.

Current StatusEdit

Looking for a new place to start The Bronze bun Nr.2.

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