HordeCrestLokarash Windhowler HordeCrest
Name: Lokarash Axereaver (Born Snowbite)
Title: None
Allignment: Lawful Good
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Race: Orc
Character Class: Death Knight
Occupation New Blood in the Beastmaw Clan.
Trades: None.
Spoken Languages Orcish
Status: Alive


Lokarash Axreaver of the Frostwolves. (Born Snowbite)

Physical TraitsEdit

Rough facial features,but no battle marks.His face is permanantly blistered in some places due to the coldness and roughness of Alterac Valley.He is the averaged height for an Orc with hair covering the back of his neck and braids down his shoulders.He has a short braided beard that reaches his chest.

Race and ClassEdit

Orc Death Knight.


The Beastmaw Clan


New Blood of the Beastmaw Clan.


Far'tor Snowbite (Father)-Deceased.
Giroti Snowbite (Mother)-Deceased.


Lokarash was born on a crisp spring morning in the Frostwolf Village in the year 0.His mother had been in labour for three hours. Far'tor was standing by,patiently,outside the hut whilst the birth was happening.One loud scream and then a small cry,Lokarash was born.Lok being part of a song about bringing up a family and Arash was added after Giroti's father.Being a Frostwolf Shaman family,Far'tor arranged a shamanistic birth.Days later Far'tor found a small Troll baby in a basket north of the Village near where the current Field of Strife is situated.He took the child,which a note was attached with his name on it,he was called (name coming soon).It was a freshly born child and seemed just a day younger than Lokarash himself,so Far'tor took him in.

18 years later,when Lokarash had just passed his rite of passage and grew a bond with a sturdy riding wolf he found out her name was Ghostsnow.Not long after Go'el had arrived within the Village and was found to be the son of Durotan and rightful Chieftain of the Frostwolf Clan.He soon left to go back to the lower lands of Alterac and Hillsbrad.Then the village lost some Orcs as they went to fight with Go'el,Lokarash and his dying mother and father stayed in the village after they'd been hit by a poison arrow.They soon died and Lokarash only had his faithful pet and Troll brother, (name coming soon).

Years later Go'el,the Warchief,came back looking for more Orcs to leave for Kalimdor,Lokarash left abit late for leaving and so was hit by a Scourge force,and that is where he forgot everything...

He awoke in Lordaeron under the command of the Lich King,he was a Death Knight.He ruled as a Lieutenant to the Lich King. But when the King moved north,Lokarash stayed behind to guar Naxxramas with Mograine. After Naxxramas was moved to Dragonblight when the Horde and the Alliance pressed north,Lokarash went with Darion to Archerus to destroy the Scarlets,soon enough he went behind their lines and stuck them from behind.Soon enough Lokarash was fighting the Argent Dawn at Light's Hope.. Arthas appeared and showed that he used Lokarash and other Death Knight,so they broke free and aligned neutrality in the world.

Lokarash moved to Kalimdor and found the Beastmaw Clan after they'd returned from Northrend (they retreated).They were looking for more Horde to join their ranks,and so Lokarash did,waiting untill the Clan moves back to Northrend.

Family BackgroundEdit

His father was a Shaman Tracker of the Frostwolves and his Mother was a Shaman Healer.They both lived in Frostwolf Village.

Criminal RecordEdit


Current StatusEdit

Lokarash is currently helping the Beastmaw Clan and hopefully rising in the ranks when they mobilize to Northrend..again.

Name NoteEdit

Lokarash was born a Shaman and had the name Snowbite,but after training deeper into the art of battle he named himself Axereaver.

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