Lokarash's Home small

Lokarash's Home,notice the wildlife.

Lokarash's HouseEdit

Lokarash was walking down to Mulgore one day when he saw an old house that was empty,he went inside and saw a beaten corpse,he soon tended to her and permanently lived in the small home.He enjoyed the peace that the Barrens gave him along with the slow creaking of the Grain Wheel outside the main hut,he found peace and serenity here.After yet another Quillboar and Centaur attack on the hut,he fought for his home and managed to put out the fires that were around the hut.There and then he'd see traders walking up and down the Gold Road,Caravans and war parties (mostly Tauren) about to fight their enemies in the area. Despite the blistering warmth,he has a lot of water and food supplies in the Granary.


Currently Lokarash lives in his home welcoming any injured/tired/wary travellers and looking after them.The home can also supports Lokarash's clan,The Beastmaw Clan. The small hut can house a small hunting party of Tauren and supply them with food and drink for some time.

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