What it's all aboutEdit

The Lost Order is a guild for people who enjoy casual gaming and RP, but more than that, making friends to chat, trade, quest, RP and instance with.

Anyone who has a desire to make friends to roleplay with, quest/instance with or just to chat and have general shenanigans with is welcome. All we ask is that you are an RPer (or want to learn to roleplay).

Guild AimsEdit

To create a network of friends for RP events, questing and instancing. Simple as that!


Lost Order's Karazhan Run

RP AimsEdit

We will support RP events on the server, and of course members are free to join in any RP events they want to. However, our main focus is holding our own events, which nevertheless are open to anyone who happens to pass us by. These events are usually social in nature and fishing-related, though can be anything that the guild members come up with. We've had grand adventures taking us across continents, picnics in unusual locations and bare-fisted fighting tournaments, for example.

Simple ground rulesEdit

Respect the server rules - say and yell should always be IC (in character). Chat channels such as /general should always be game related.

Respect other players - being offensive/rude to other players (this includes things like /spit emotes to Horde players), ninja looting and other forms of harrassment like corpse camping are not acceptable. Also, RP that is offensive or generally a nuisance or creating a bad reputation for the guild is not acceptable (have fun, but don't annoy or disturb people).

Guild Chat is In Character - Guild chat is IC so that even when doing solo quests or grinding reputation etc. you can still have a channel to RP on with other people. This is explained by the reasoning that when you join Lost Order, a rune is inscribed on your Hearthstone that allows you to communicate over any distance with other guild members. We also have a channel for OOC-talk, you will learn the name of it when joining the guild.

Weekly EventEdit


Lost Order's Picnic in Maraudon

Lost Order endeavour to have at least one guild event a week, either an Instance or an RP event.

Joining Lost OrderEdit

Lost Order's website can be found at where you will find an introduction to the guild, the forums and a blog of recent events. For ingame information, /w Shakku (Guild Master), Hanthelia (Second in Command), Effex, or any other member who will guide you to speak to an officer.

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