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Act 3 scene 1

Lost souls

Elizabetha and Imoen are still embraced, Elizabetha gently kisses Imoen on the cheek, smiles and they both walk off, a few Scarlet Crusaders bow their heads in respect as Imoen and Elizabetha walk past. We see Imoen and Elizabetha in the corridor of the Cathedral.

Elizabetha: I have to go sister…

Imoen sighs.

Elizabetha: I’m sorry sister…I’ll go to the order about this, he’ll be brought to justice, don’t worry about it…ok?

Imoen: tears in her eyes …ok

Elizabetha smiles gently wipes Imoen’s eyes with her thumb, hugs her kisses her on the cheek and leaves.

We now here Imoen’s thoughts as she kneels at the altar and prays.

Imoen: These feelings…this hatred, the burning rage…it’s stronger than before…one of my thoughts telling me to kill him, the other telling me not to…

Oh father…why did you do this? why are you after me so much…you destroyed my home…took everything away…please…leave me alone…leave me alone.

Out loud.


Imoen startles a random priest who is next to her…

Priest: I…I’m sorry sister, you have my condolences…

Imoen: slightly embarrassed Oh…uh…sorry brother…I was thinking out-

Priest bows his head and walks off

End of Scene 1

We see a flash back, all we see is a flash back we hear three children speak.

A small girl is weeping

Boy 1: What’s the matter little girl?

Boy 2: We are Gallant hero’s has someone stole your dolly?

Girl: [sob] My daddy doesn’t want me anymore[sob]

Boy 1: Oh…

Boy 2: Don’t worry little girl, we’ll be your friends…

The voices fade out and Imoen wakes up with a shock

Imoen: Father!

A Scarlet Crusader runs in

Crusader: Maam…you were dreaming, you were making very strange noises are you alright?

Imoen rubs her head and sits up she is wearing a half top the Crusader looks briefly at her chest, the Crusader quickly turns away. Imoen pulls her covers over her covering her chest.

Imoen: Ahem…yes Brother im fine.

The Crusader looks embarrassed, salutes and then leaves Imoen. Imoen sighs and lay’s back in her bead the camera shows her face.

Imoen: A life alone…was Khallid’s death a dream? no of course it wasn’t.

Imoen sighs and starts crying again

We see Imoen a few moments later praying at the altar. A Female Scarlet Crusader comes up and kneels next to Imoen.

Clarizy: Sister…I’m sorry, what happened…

Imoen: It’s ok sister Clarizy…I’ll get over him…

Clarizy: If you say so…hey tell you what…tonight meet me at tower. I’ll buy dinner for you alright?

Imoen smiles

Imoen: Alright…thank you sister.

A man moments later comes in wearing a long red robe. He has long white hair and a white beard on his chin. Imoen stands turns towards him they both stop,

Imoen: Aanson!

Aanson: Imoen!

She runs into Aanson’s arms



Aanson: I came as soon as I heard the news…I’m so sorry.

Imoen: Thank you-

Aanson: He was a good man, his voice softens your father did this didn’t he…he organised it all didn’t he?

Imoen nods

Aanson: We will get him back one day, come on…lets go for a walk. There is someone who you should meet. Who will help you.

Imoen doesn’t respond, he grabs her hand and they walk threw Stormwind, they eventually get to the Griffon rider.

Griffon rider: Scarlets…where would you like to go?

Aanson: Menethil harbour.

We see Imoen and Aanson fly off on a Griffon. We see huge snowy mountains, lush grassy forests and a molten lava landscape. They arrive at Menethil Harbour Aanson grabs hold of Imoen’s hand and carries her onto a boat.

End scene 3

On the boat

Imoen: What are we doing?

Aanson: I’m going to take you to a friend of mine, she taught me these powers…I want you to meet her, she will tell you what you need to do, to make you better-

Imoen: What makes you think I need help.

Aanson: Well…your foster father died…and…Looks around him To find about your real father, to know-

Imoen: Oh I see…You think im to weak right?

Aanson: No! no that’s not what I’m saying at all!

Imoen: I’ll show you all! I can do this on my own, you’ll see!

Imoen storms off and goes into the boat’s quarters, there is a sound of chuckling, Aanson looks around and sees Pirates and other mercenaries chuckling about what has just taken place.

Aanson walks into the ship and knocks on a door.

We hear Imoen’s voice behind the door.

Imoen: Go away.

Aanson: Imoen, I don’t think your weak…your very strong going threw all this but this will help you a lot…she can show you what you should do next.

Imoen: I know what I have to do! Sister Elizabetha has told me already!

Aanson: Yes…im sure she has…

The door swings open, Imoen face looks angry

Imoen: What is ‘that’ supposed mean?

Aanson: Oh…nothing.

Imoen: You know she’s my foster mother now?

Aanson looks shocked

Aanson: F..Foster mother? Imoen she’s only a few years older than you…

Imoen: So?

Aanson sighs

Aanson: I’ll come back when you’ve calmed down a bit.

Imoen: Hey! Don’t you walk away from me mister!

Aanson walks off, Imoen shouts after him

End of Scene 4

The boat reaches Theramore Isle, Imoen and Aanson walk off Imoen still looks a bit miffed. Aanson look at Imoen crossing her arms and turning her head away from him, he sighs and grabs her arm and takes her to this horrible grimy looking house. Imoen scrunches her face at the sight of it Aanson rolls her eyes and knocks on the door.

An old woman’s voice is heard. The old woman is very wrinkly she is wearing a long brown robes with a brown hood covering her wrinkly face.

Old woman: Come in…Oooh child you’ve come to visit me again.

Aanson: Tabetha…you look well-

The old woman stares at Aanson’s tabard and Imoen

Tabetha: Your with the Scarlet Crusade. I bet this Woman has tempted you into their clutches, you could of done better child…

Aanson looks really embarrassed and Imoen’s face is bright red with anger.

Imoen: WHAT?!?

Aanson nervously laughs and stands in front of Imoen.

Aanson: Tabetha, I joined out of my own free will. Imoen here, is a friend nothing more.

Tabetha: I see, forgive me woman. Lets out an old cackle How embarrassing.

Imoen crosses her arms and turns her head away

Aanson: Anyway, I need you to show my friend here her future…what does she need to do-

Imoen: Aanson. A word…now.

Aanson sighs Imoen grabs him by his robe and drags him outside Tabetha’s house

Imoen: You expect me to believe something this nutty old woman has to say?

Aanson: Unbelievable! She’s very wise I’ll have you know!

Imoen: Sure, sure.

Aanson: She’s one of the oldest Humans on Azeroth, she’s one hundred years old.

Imoen: It shows…

Aanson: And you had a go at me for what I said about sister Elizabetha…

Imoen is stumped, there is a small 5 second silence

Aanson: Look, I’m sorry for what I said Imoen…now this is very important you have to speak to her ok?

Imoen nods

You hear Tabetha shouting from inside her house.

Tabetha: Hey! Cut it out you two I’ll have none of THAT outside MY house!

Imoen gives a ‘I told you so’ look and Aanson smiles and shrugs. They both walk back into the house

Imoen: So…what do you do?

Tabetha: I look into the beyond, woman. I see what others can not.

Imoen: As you do…

Aanson nudges Imoen

Tabetha: Don’t give me that, woman! Do you want me to answer your question or not?

Imoen: Huh? I havn’t asked you anything yet.

Imoen looks confused, Aanson however who is standing behind her looks smug.

Tabetha: I told you woman, I can see into the beyond you think that’s all I do? Bah! I can read your mind like an open book…and no im not crazy!

You want to know if your ever get over him…but which one? That’s the question…perhaps both of them…my, my, woman your mind is a mess…

Imoen looks a bit miffed by the statement.

But I see something else…No…this is strange… her voice raises and she sounds petrified ah! Get away from me!

Imoen: Huh? What was it?

Tabetha: Get away! You scare me!

Tabetha starts waving her hands trying to attack Imoen, Aanson jumps in and grabs her arms trying to calm her down.

Aanson: that’s enough…what was it?

Tabetha whispers in Aanson’s ear.

Tabetha: Quietly She will be the death of me…and possibly you.

Aanson: Quietly What?

Tabetha: Quietly They will try and catch the other, but her…’father’ bah! Will send his servants after me…

Aanson: Quietly I won’t let that happen…

Tabetha: Quietly You will fail…

Aanson looks shocked and walks away from Tabetha he talks facing Tabetha.

Aanson: Don’t worry Imoen, Elizabetha’s way was right. Let’s go home, you were right.

Imoen looks confused and worried, Aanson looks Imoen and puts his hand one her shoulder and smiles.

Aanson: Ha! You were right she is a nut…Laughs

Aanson holds Imoen’s hand and he creates a portal to Stormwind. Imoen walks into it, Aanson turns to Tabetha who looks scared.

Tabetha: Don’t. Don’t follow her, He wants her he won’t stop…

Aanson: No, I won’t let it happen.

Tabetha: Then when you walk into that portal…it is the first step to your death.

Aanson: I won’t believe it.

Tabetha: ...Goodbye my son.

Aanson looks shocked by these words, as if it’s her last words. He does a two finger salute saying goodbye and steps into the portal.

End Of scene 5

Imoen and Aanson both are in the mage tower, there is loads of strange looking devices, Imoen is on her own for a few moments. She looks around her surroundings there are mages talking and muttering to each other. A portal opens behind her and Aanson steps out of it.

Aanson: I’m sorry about that. You were right.

Imoen: There’s something your not telling me…

Aanson: She told me you would be the new Lord of Murder…something to do with this god called Bhall

Imoen: Bhall? What kind of name is that? What’s next im lord of the murlocs?

Aanson: Well you do gargle sometimes…

Imoen: I do not!

Aanson starts laughing and messes up Imoen’s hair

Aanson: heh, come on little Murloc Lord of Murder.

They both start laughing and walk threw another portal they go down this spiralling slope and end up in the mage district, the place is filled with lush flowers and green grass. As the reach the end of the slope Imoen stops Aanson turns towards her.

Aanson: heh. What’s the matter? Going to turn in a huge demon of murder?

Imoen smiles at Aanson

Imoen: No, I just remembered Sister Clarizy wanted to meet me at the tower near that restaurant…The one that does those Lobsters stews?

Aanson: Oooh sounds nice…heh, your in there.

Imoen tuts

Imoen: Hey, keep it in your dreams granddad

Aanson: Granddad?!? I’m only forty!

Imoen: Giggles your so easy to wind up

Aanson: Are not!

Imoen: Hey, tell you what I’ll go get you your slippers and pipe ok?

Aanson: Oh that’s very kind…hey wait…hey! I don’t wear slippers!

Imoen bursts out laughing, Aanson runs towards her and gently punches the side of chin affectingly.

Aanson: See you around friend. I’ll tell her you’re here.

Imoen: Thank you…oh and thank you for today, it cheered me up.

Aanson smiles does a two finger salute, we see him later walk into the Cathedral he nods at Clarizy and speaks to her. She walks off and Aanson goes into his quarters. He lay’s down on his bed and looks worried about something…

We hear Aanson’s thoughts.

Aanson: I won’t let you do that to her…she would never let it happen.

End of Scene 6

We see Imoen sitting on a ledge near the docks Clarizy appears she smiles at Imoen, Imoen stands up and hugs Clarizy.

Clarizy: Sister, I need to speak to you…away from prying ears it's about Hejin.

Imoen: Oh…ok

They walk up the tower right up on the top.

Imoen: So what is it you know about Hejin?

Clarizy gives a sinister smile

Clarizy: Hejin, sends his regards…

She pulls out her sword and dives into Imoen, Imoen backs off her back against one of the edges of tower.

Imoen: What are you doing!?!

Clarizy: I’ve been hired by Hejin…he has told me all about you, you are the true evil here I will purge you, I have gave you your last moments with him. Now Imoen…it’s time to die.

Clarizy lunges towards Imoen but she quickly avoids it, Clarizy swings her sword towards Imoen, it manages to slice her tabard. Imoen walks backwards and almost falls off the edge of the tower.

Clarizy: Don’t worry, this will all be over soon. You can join Khallid, then Aanson, then the high Emissary then one by one all your brethren.

Imoen: Can’t we discuss this? what does Hejin want?

Clarizy: I don’t know, nor do I care what I do care is your head on a pike Good bye Imoen.

End of Scene 7

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