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Louise strolled into the Cathedral in a good mood. Her armor was shiny, and her sword was sharpened. Everything was right with the world. Humming a hymn to herself, she took the steps down the the Scarlet Refectory. It had felt so good to tidy the place up and see her brethren fix the broken step. She turned the corner into the refectory and came to a dead stop. Her face turned white in horror.

The room was ankle deep in litter, the rug hardly visible under the heap of discarded clothes. Books lay open and face down on the floor. Swords, polearms and shields were strewn haphazardly on tables. Over the back of one chair lay a particularly foul looking pair of underpants, inside out. Some bottles and vials lay on their sides, and had rolled across the floor, amazingly still intact. A fishing rod and a rusty knife were tangled on top of a heap of bloody and muddy tabards. She picked up one of the gauntlets, inside out, and read the label.

"HARSUFELD!" she yelled, at the top of her voice, turning scarlet with effort.

A short silence, and then..

"Hail brethren," came a male voice in the cathedral.

"Bad timing," chucked a female voice.

Some steps sounded on the stairs, and a missionary knight put his head into the refectory. "Something the matter?"

Brother Thepol and Initiate Amini accompanied Harsufeld into the room.

"By the Light!" screamed Louise. "I'm sick to death of tidying this room up, and then getting it in the neck from Sister Margaret!"

"But I always keep it clean?" said Harsufeld, nearly tripping over a pile of dirty plates.

"Me too" said Thepol. "I helped clean up with you the other day. What's wrong now?"

There followed a viscious argument, and many swear words from Louise. Initiate Amini set to work on her knees, folding clothes and scrubbing blood stains, keeping her head down. Brothers Harsufeld had not known Louise had such a temper, but Thepol had witnessed it several times before. He strolled off, laughing heartily, just as Brother Galdbeer came in, whistling.

"Whose are these underpants!?" screamed Louise, and threw them at Harsufeld.

"Ah, my spare pair! I knew I had another pair!" he smiled, wondering what the ranting was about.

Louise began ranting and raving at Harsufeld, Galbdeer and Amini, fists clenched waving in the air. Galbdeer took a step backwards in fear as she flung her broom down on the floor with a loud crash. Amini ducked her head even lower, scrubbing hard, as insults flew overhead from Louise's mouth. Harsufeld tried to explain that he always turned his underpants inside out to prolong the time between washing them. Louise stamped hard on the floor, cursing and yelling, whist Harsufeld became more and more worried. Galbdeer attempted to calm her down with soothing words and earned himself a slap on the cheek.

Louise, cursing, started to kick the walls with her armored boots. "DO YOU KNOW!? Arcanist Doan wrote to Abbot Habeus about my terrible swordsmanship yesterday! and do you know why!? BECAUSE I NEVER GET THE CHANCE TO WIELD A SWORD!" She unsheathed her sword and started waving it around in a terrifyingly random manner. "BECAUSE I NEVER GET TO PUT MY BROOM DOWN!" Louise seethed in anger, her beautiful face scrunched into a purple mess. "And I'm sick to bloody death of it all! I've had ENOUGH!" She began thumping on the walls with her fists, screeching insults at the knights. In a fury, she stamped upstairs, and laid into the first people she saw, praying quietly at the altar.

"And you can stop your gossiping too, you moldy old" she screamed at Elizabetha and her friend. She stamped out of the Cathedral, all the way to the trade district, followed by Galdbeer who was very worried about her behaviour. Louise turned on the first Draenei she saw, stamping on its tail, and then proceeded to swear at every non-human in the area, slapped an elf, and unsheathed her sword. She turned to the wall and started chopping at it, denting her sword badly, and pounding it with her fists, screeching in temper.

A small crowd gathered, some obviously enjoying the show, others quite alarmed at the violence pouring from Louise. Some tried to calm her, but were frightened away by her flying fists and boots. She spat insults through gritted teeth and began headbutting the wall in a terrifying display of anger....

And knocked herself unconscious to the ground, just as Sister Suzanne walked into view.


"And I want this place cleaned up before she comes round!" Suzanne was saying from out of the blackness. Louise opened her eyes dizzily and found herself back in the refectory, several tabarded knights scurrying around with brooms, washrags, and armfuls of laundry. Louise lifted a hand to her head, finding that someone had bandaged it whilst she had been out cold.

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