Name[edit | edit source]

Lord Lúcius Von Hellghast

Race[edit | edit source]

Undead Human

Class[edit | edit source]

In his former life, the great Lord Lucius Von Hellghast was a knight of the Light, a Paladin, but sadly since his fall to the Plague and change to a puppet of the Lich King the Lord had taken upon the new role of Death Knight.

Occupation[edit | edit source]

None other than serving the Scourge as a Death Knight.

Family[edit | edit source]

Mariala Von Hellghast - Wife, High Elf, Murdered by Lucius

Selara Von Hellghast - Daughter, Half Elf, Missing

Yeila Von Hellghast - Daughter, Half Elf, Missing

Vladaek Von Hellghast - Son, Half Elf, Murdered by Lucius

Heinrick Von Hellghast - Son, Half Elf, Murdered by Lucius

Taelan Von Hellghast - Son, Half Elf, Murdered By Lucius

Daimarnus Von Hellghast - Son, Half Elf, Alive

Aragar Von Hellghast - Son, Half Elf, Missing

Background[edit | edit source]

The great Lord Lucius Von Hellghast was born into nobility. His mother and father being the founders of this noble, if not so well kown, family. In his childhood Lucius was a lonely boy. A pale friendless silent child that kept to himself, rarely leaving the House of Von Hellghast and even more rarely speaking to others. When he entered his teens Lucius began to open up, speaking to others more often, becoming more outgoing and starting his training as a Paladin. Advancing quikly through his training, Lucius showed great skill and will to learn, yet this was tested by the un-expected death of both his mother and father. Filled with sorrow, Lucius found it hard to train any more and gave in. Two years passed after this, the House now in his hands. More time passed in Lucius' life, eventualy the Lord found love with a High Elf by the name of Mariala. Eventualy the two married and began a family, all seemed well in their perfect life, the two had everything they could dream of. Yet their happiness was cut short. One day, Lucius and his hunting party came across the scene of a battle. The forest floor was stained in blood and littered with the bodies of a human patrol. Searching the bodies for any signs of life their attention was turned and before any of the party could react they were ambushed. Swarmed by ghouls and minions of the Lich King Lucius and his party fell within seconds, slowly and painfully. Yet the Lord's pain did not end there as he rose from death, staggering back to his home with the want to see his family before the end. As soon as the Lord reached the door to his home he was lost, the plague spread to his mind, infected it and cast him into insanity. Bursting into his home with sword drawn he cut down the majority of his family, guards and servants in 'mercy' repeating in his infected mind that this was 'saving them from the plague'. When the masacare ended, Lucius started a fire. Wanting to burn the bodies to be sure they would not have to suffer the fate of undeath he burned them along with himself. The chared skeletons of the slain and his home all that was left, yet he still lived. His undead body charred and horrificly scarred by the flames he stood once again yet his mind was totaly lost, the iron grip of the Lich KIng now controlling him like a puppet. The Lord now wanders the frozen wastes of Northrend, alone and cold, what is left of his own mind caged within his head to be tormented for eternity.

House Von Hellghast[edit | edit source]

House Von Hellghast's origins are unkown, the last records of the family were burnt to ashes in the flames of Stratholme. There are only a select few of papers that survived but oddly their where-abouts where last deep within Scholomance amongst the many magical tomes and books. Attempts to find the papers would almost the suicide as they rest in the hands of a Lich that now takes residence within the dark halls.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Unstable, Sadistic, Cruel, Evil

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