Alliancecrest small Luminita
Gender Female
Race Draenei
Class Death Knight

Luminita was a Draenei Death Knight of the Ebon blade. (Deceased)


Luminita remembered very little about her life before death, and the few things she remembered she avoided speaking of.
She was killed and resurrected by the Lich king very soon after the crash on Azuremyst, and served the Scourge loyally, killing, burning and torturing, until she was finally freed from her shackles. Not daring to return to her former home, the Exodar, Luminita fought the Undead Scourge in the north for revenge, until Arthas was finally defeated.

Feeling lost and devoid of a meaning for her existence, Luminita returned to the Exodar in search of her brother, Bastalaan. Bastalaan welcomed her back, but Luminita no longer felt at home with the living, and left soon after.

She eventually got involved with a strange, dark cult (( The Embrace )) who promised her the home and purpose she had sought. She stayed for a while, seeing things worse than anything she had seen during her service of the Lich King - but her dead heart did not bend to the will of the cult, and they soon deemed her useless to the group.

After a long and tideous struggle, with Luminita alone against three of the Dark Cult's members, she was weakened, tortured and eventually killed by Sivri Windsail.

Her body was burned, and her remains were buried in Deadwind Pass, under the tower of Karazhan.




Luminita lost most of herself along with Death, and is best described as a blank sheet. She speaks slowly, drawling, often pausing inbetween words as if forgetting them. She seems impossible to offend, and reacts to everything with a neutral, empty, yet polite attitude. Devoid of any sort of spark, Luminita works best by following the orders of others, as she did during her time under the Lich King's control.


Like all Death Knights, Luminita is an expert with the blade, and facing her in hand-to-hand combat is a risk few like to take. Along with her great physical strenght, she is a deadly force capable of taking down several enemies at once.


Luminita seems to have an issue with rangers, and in a few cases, spell-casters. Her expertise demands her enemies close, and a nimble bowyer may be difficult for her to defeat.

Due to her lack of spark, Luminita is willing to follow the orders of anyone who can give her a job, a meaning, and is easily corrupted and led in the wrong directions.


Luminita and Argus


Luminita has a strange relationship with the corrupted steed she wanders with. It was once a strong Palomino stallion, stolen from the stables of Scarlet Crusaders. It was captured, killed, and resurrected by Luminita and named Argus after her ancient home-planet. Through the change of times, Argus has been the only one to stay loyally by Luminita's side, despite her betrayal of it.

The Death knight considers Argus her only companion, and is often seen whispering in its ear in Draenei.


"There is not a pretzel in my head." [When called a pretzel-head by Baine Wolfmorth]

"I do not like onions."


Fran from the video game FFXII.

Luminita's and Argus's relationship was inspired by Arthas Menethil's and his steed Invincible's relationship.

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