Neutralcrest small.gif Lundstark Andholm
Image of Lundstark Andholm
Title(s) Former Grand Master Apothecary
Gender Male
Race Undead / Demon
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Affiliation Nathrezim
Occupation Unknown
Status Dead

Background[edit | edit source]

Lundstark Andholm was once a promising Grand Master Apothecary who run a small group of a Apothecary from the society. Lundstark went incharge when the former leader Mackus Bensson left because of new assignements in Northrend. Lundstark and his group from the Society was members of the Council of the war effort in Northrend.

Kolramas and the death of Lundstark[edit | edit source]

During an assault on Zul'drak operated by the Council, Lundstark and his Apothecaries were supposed to attack from Grizzly Hills and secure the south flank while the main army of the Council assaulted from Crystalsong Forest. However, Lundstark and his followers went to Kolramas instead, a crashed Necropolis to retrive a powerful Crystal matrix wich was belived by Forsaken intell to have the power to create the plague the Dark Lady has wanted all these years.

When Lundstark successfully took the Crystal, he ordered his men to stand down and return to their base of operation in Howling Fjord to deliver the crystal to the former leader of the Society; Mackus Bensson. When Lundstark had delivered the crystal, Mackus and Lundstark both knew that this act of leaving the battlefield would leave the Council outraged and would demand an explansion. To keep the secret of the Crystal, Lundstark would sacrifice himself by acting corrupt towards the council and damn them all to their death.

Mackus told Lundstark that he would bring Lundstark back with the help of dark magic he possessed if the Council would kill him. When Lundstark meet the Beastmaw Clan in Crystalsong and acted like a madman, it didn't take much words before Rocmar from the Beastmaw to charge Lundstark and kill him. With Lundstark killed and the Society group disband, the Council saw this as a clsoe matter.

Lundstark's resurrection[edit | edit source]

After the council was done with Lundstark, they left his body in Crystalsong Forest and let the wilderness pick his bone till there was nothing left. Mackus teleported himself to Lundstark's corpse and started to summon Voidspirits from the Twisting Nether to help Mackus boost his magic in his resurrection spell.

It was Mackus intension to deliver Lundstark back to the world of Azeroth with the mind of a Voidwalker slave. But when the resurrection spell was done and Lundstark was once again in the world alive, it seems that Mackus didn't have the knowledge to control the spirits of the Astral plane and Mackus had no control whatsoever of Lundstark. Someone else had control over him.

Lundstark let Mackus live as his didn't see any benefit of ending his life. Lundstark knew about the crystal aswell as his controller in Twisting Nether and wanted Mackus to continue his research.

His purpose and the power of the Twisting Nether[edit | edit source]

Lundstark was bound to his new lords in Twisting Nether, wich one is unknown but probably some Dreadlord. With his resurrection, the Twisting nether had give Lundstark new powers for use to complete his mission; To kill the members of the Council. His targets are Torakk and Faroth'arn.

Mental instability[edit | edit source]

During cause of time in the land of the living again, Lundstark has signs of mental instability. His original mission was to kill of the Council members, but somewhere along the way, he went of course and have created some kind of obsession with a Orc from the Beastmaw clan called Rocmar. When he often enters the plane in Kalimdor, he goes to hunt for Rocmar and his mate Hirgma. It seems that the Nathrezim dosen't do anything about this. Probably Lundstark was not such a powerful weapon as they had hoped him to be. He has still however his power that was granted him from the Nathrezim.

The Powers[edit | edit source]

Rain of Control[edit | edit source]

Has the ability to mindcontrol people. Making them do Lundstark's bidding. This mindcontrol is not as strong as other mindcontrol and can not control more discipline minds like most Blood Elven.

Chaotic Speech[edit | edit source]

Aswell as mindcontrol, Lundstark has the power of "speech" wich means that he can be very manipulative in words and fooling people to make things that makes sense for the moment.

Teleport[edit | edit source]

Can teleport between the real world and the Astral plane, making it easy for Lundstark to escape.

Burning Mirrors[edit | edit source]

Can create an illusion of himself to fool his enemies, this effect work for 1-3 illusions, or just one illusion at great distance.

Hideouts[edit | edit source]

As Lundstark move by the Astral plane and the realworld, a few places has sighted Lundstark the most; Shadowmoon Valley, Netherstorm, Fel Hill in Ashenvale.

Lundstark's Deathlist[edit | edit source]

These are the ones that has fallen to Lundstark after his resurrection.

Locar - Orc (Killed in a ritual)

Dokmar - Orc (Killed by Rocmar of the Beastmaw Clan)

Londar - Blood Elf (Killed by Lundstark in Winterspring)

Mackus Bensson - (With Morgus of the Shadows of Lordaeron dealing the Final blow in the aftermath)

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