Last born son of Ezekias Thus'Shano, Luzhan Venio is a Death Knight currently serving under the banner of the Ebon Blade, but also aids close friend Carmen Oakland in her various schemes and plots.


Luzhan was the last son of four born to Ezekias Thus'Shano and Bequa Meralia. As the rest of his brothers followed in their father footsteps as warriors, so too did Luzhan. However, his errant ways and relaxed approach to his training earned him disdain with his father. After the destruction and reconstruction of Silvermoon, Luzhan followed to path of the Paladins along with the rest of his family. However, he was still at odds with his father, and so joined the Argent Dawn in their struggles against the Scourge. After a skirmish against the Scarlet Crusade ended badly, Luzhan was captured and taken to the new town of Avalon. Whilst there, he managed to break a pair of heavily rusted manacles, and was punished by having a pair of red-hot iron chains layed parrallel down his back, leaving him with vivid scars. This earned him the nickname "Chains" among his fellow prisoners for the few weeks before malnourishment and Scarlet aggression finished him off. However, his corpse was recovered by the Scourge aboard Acherus, and he was risen again as a Death Knight. In the aftermath of the Battle for Lights Hope Chapel, Luzhan awaited reunion with his family. However, no such reunion occured, and an embittered Knight cast aside his family name. He joined the cause of undead Carmen Oakland, who has so far served somewhat as a mother figure to the Knight. Luzhan has married a young mage, Angiras Venio, and decided to take her last name in order to fufill the bond between them, but also do away with the last remnants of his familys hold on him. He is now stepfather to her infant son from a previous relationship. With the demise of the Lich King, he recently joined the Church of Shadow under the leadership of Déliana. However, he recently joined the Will of Sylvanus movement and now serves the Forsaken.

Personality and FeaturesEdit

Luzhan is generally able to get along well with all Forsaken and other Death Knights. He is also capable of socialising with other Blood Elves, but rarely does so, preferring the keep with friends when not on duty. He does not despise the living, but he frowns upon the treatment of a few individuals towards the Death Knights, as do many of his ilk, and has thus developed a bad impression from his new point of view.

Luzhan is commonly seen in a set of black and gold plate armour, wielding a bruunhildar harpoon, or more recently, a large, black mace. His demeanour after becoming involved with the Church of Shadows has become more hostile and suspicious.

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