Hordecrest small Marcel Lightbane
Marcel Lightbane
Race Forsaken, human
Class Shadow priest
Age 38
Alignment Neutral evil


Marcel Lightbane, formerly Marcel Goldenlight.


Marcel is quite short, partially due to malnutrition growing up. He has a sort of boyish look about his facial features despite having died at 38 years old. His eyesockets are unnaturally large with the purplish remais of bags under them. A large uneven mark marring the texture of his skin runs down his torso. He has wipsy blonde hair that doesn't really suit his chalky skin tone and an open crack in his skull.


Quite neurotic and mentally unstable, Marcel is obsessed with power, protecting himself and abandoned the concept of morality a long time ago, instead going by his own twisted set of standards. Whilst he can be childish in his mannerisms at times he despises children, perhaps out of a strange sense of jealousy. Though he aims to become powerful and in control, he can easily be manipulated and bullied into serving others.

He quite literally cares for no one except himself, an old blanket and his deceased pet rat he keeps in a jar attached to a string around his neck, only being obsessed, in awe of or seeing another person as beneficial to him. There was once a carer who was an exception to this - and perhaps she still counts - but he would laugh her off as something he no longer cares for rather then admitting it.


Was in the Church of Shadows until that particular sect was disbanded, the wherabouts of its leaders unknown.


None. Never really had a job.


Agatha Goldenlight (Mother, deceased), Bernard Goldenlight (Father, deceased). This isn't on any records however.



Marcel was homeless in Deathknell in his late teens and a pain in the ass for anyone to deal with. A small church in Tirisfal took him in out of pity, as well as some other children when the orphanage proved to be too full or just plain couldn't cope with them. It became apparent that wherever he was from did a lousy job of teaching him anything at all. He remained quite defensive and hostile towards near-everyone, as if trying his damn best to make sure they despised him. One carer in particular kept trying and trying to get through to him though, in spite of how he tried to drive her off. Eventually when she managed to convince him she wasn't a threat she was successful. However, she found him suddenly flipping to acting as if they were closer then anyone else, clingyness, trying to keep others away from them and possessiveness at times concerning as well. Despite this they managed to become fairly close in in a short time, with her idealistically thinking she could fix his issues if she hung in there enough and him using her to fill a gap in his life.

Some old records indicate he was sent off to a prison in Lordaeron for severely injuring a priestess to the point of disability and various animal cruelty charges that pointed to him. He spent quite some time there in solitary confinement due to fighting back a little too violently against inmates who saw his scrawnyness and sheer lack of social skills as sufficient reason to lower him down in the pecking order. It was here that he was recruited into the Cult of the Damned. Eventually he was released and continued with being somewhat homeless, having found the Cult something to look forward to in life and subsequently evaded being a victim of the Plague. Also suffered from hayfever.


His reluctance to reveal much and relatively intact state after rising point to suspicious circumstances. States he arisen from the crypt in Deathknell though his corpse wasn't present the day before.

Died by getting a little too close to a trap involving engineering and a Tirisfal pumpkin, with the charred markings on his chest and midsection to prove it.


He personally changed his surname to Lightbane quite some time ago (Though there was no official process, just his word) due to his misguided hatred for the Light and took up the Forgotton Shadow religion upon finding the Forsaken. Nowadays he can be found badgering people to join, flipping out over something, sitting with his nose in a tome or just being his lousy self.

Family BackgroundEdit

Marcel has no relatives he knows of except for his deceased parents. The Goldenlight family mainly kept to themselves to the point of seclusion. They ranged from middle to lower class and generally revered the Light.

Criminal RecordEdit

Breach of the peace by having a screaming fit and a minor fight in the Undercity in undeath. Violently attacking someone and killing several pet cats in his life.

Current StatusEdit


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