Hordecrest small Mackus Bensson
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Title(s) Grand Master Apothecary
Gender Male
Race Undead
Alignment Lawful Evil
Affiliation In Exile
Status Dead
Relative(s) None


Mackus Bensson was given the honor to hold a special group of Apothecaries inside the Apothecary Society. They would work by themself for the Forsaken nation. However, shortly after the group was created, The Dark lady gave Mackus a more delicate mission that was in a secret nature. Mackus left his obligations to Grand Master Apothecary; Lundstark Andholm.

Mackus secret mission itself was to recreate the plague that Putress had succeeded in and improve it so it can re:animate dead corpses. Mackus worked on this plague for along time till he found the last component for his "Nemesis" plague. A Necropolis crystal in Zul'drak. However, he couldn't get there without aid so he contacted Lundstark and the society to manipulate the Northrend Council to launch an attack against Zul'drak. Lundstark accomplished his task and was made sure to launch the Forsaken attack near the destroyed Necropolis in the south region of Zul'drak. When the assault was under way, Lundstark and his Apothecaries went straight to Kolramas Necropolis and killed off every Scourge forces there. Lundstark took the crystal and then ordered his men back to base.

Back in Vengeance Landing, Lundstark delivered the crystal to Mackus, and when they just was to depart from eachother, the stalkers has heard that The Beastmaw Clan was furious over Lundstark leaving during battle and not aiding the Horde allies. Both Lundstark and Mackus knew that the Horde most not know about the plague and the crystal, so Lundstark sacrified himself, convincing the Beastmaw Clan that he was crazed and a traitor. The Beastmaw Clan killed him in Crystalsong Forest while The Suncrown Conclave just stood by.

With Lundstark dead, and the news was recived at the Undercity, The Dark lady disbanded the society group, and Mackus was the man to give the Apothecaries new order. When his task was complete, Mackus went into exile to continue work on his Nemesis plague. No one know where he is or where he resides. But the word has it that the Dark lady is the only one but himself who knows what is really going on.


When the word of Lundstark deeds journey itself to Mackus attension, he felt guilty for beeing part of this whole madness. He left his home and his research on the Nemesis plague to travel to Orgrimmar to present a solution to the problem. The Beastmaw Clan didn't welcome Mackus and called him a traitor, however.. his talks about a solution to kill Lundstark was to strong to ignore so they locked Mackus in a tower in Orgrimmar till they could decide what to do with him and his offer.

His deathEdit

Mackus Bensson was killed after getting possessed by Lundstark Andholm spirit and tried to jump off a tower in Orgrimmar, taking Rocmar with him in the fall. However, Rocmar stood his ground and Mackus fell down alone. Mackus was almost halfdead, when the Beastmaw Clan members ran down the tower to check on him, Lundstark spirit was gone. Torakk of Beastmaw Clan tried to save Mackus life but saw his life to an end when he stopped breathing. Torakk carried Mackus back to the top of the tower and left his body there for the local grunt to take care of.

After Torakk left, Morgus from the Shadows of Lordaeron appeared and took a peice of paper from Mackus robe, containing the formula to eliminate Lundstark's demonic powers. When Morgus was about to leave, Mackus opened his eyes and said with his mouth full with blood;"Are you robbing me now?". Morgus was suprised that he was still alive, but even for a undead; they don't rely on breathing as much as the living does, his lung just collapsed. Morgus told Mackus of the agenda of his own and the Forsaken. Mackus was terrified of Morgus statements what the future has to show but was unable to move do to the injuries from the fall. Morgus carried Mackus on his shoulder and walked to ledge of the tower and turned his head to Mackus; "Time to eliminate some loose ends, lets see if you can survive another fall". Morgus drops Mackus down the tower, Mackus tries to scream for his sorrow life, but falls back to the ground, cracking his skull open. Morgus fades into the shadows with the only one with the formula to put Lundstark rampage to an end...

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