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Basic InformationEdit

· Magna Carta is a democratic guild of mature and friendly players bound together by mutual respect and fun at all aspects of WoW experience.

· Weekly guild meetings are held on sunday's afternoon and all aspects of public life can be covered there and taken care of.

· Guild leader is mistress Kiveli. We engage in RP, PvP and PvE raids.

General InformationEdit

· No character or class restrictions, but to be genuinely friendly and non-swearing.

· Your character must be of the 45th season to join.

· Alternate characters (Alts) are allowed inside the guild.

· We enforce respect towards each other member. No cursing, swearing or arguments are allowed on guild chat, which is also kept roleplay at all times.


· Currenlty, we miss a few tanks, warriors and good paladins alike.

· Druids are also welcome, but their shortage is no secret on the Realm :)

Guilds PolicyEdit

1a. how our guild will recruit members.

- 1st step Completing a form at the forum .That step will lead to a short interview with 5 questions. Each answer will be awarded from 1 to 5 points. The recruiters will rank every question. If the new member get more than 15/25 points he will be invited into the guild. For friens or relatives of our Guildmates (rank missionary+) only the application at the forum will be needed , and a trial period of one week. Magna Carta will not recruit members lower than season 45 any more. The Guild quest will be given by the guild leader after the first week, for the final full acceptance.

1b. RP rp policy. - Our guild chat is rp and it will remain rp for ever. - a Weekly RP event (possibly in Weekend).

1c. Raiding Community Our guild will form a raiding Community and we will raid 2 times a week .We will start with ZG and AQ 20 as soon as possible. (possibly this month)

1d. Court The court will be formed everytime that some members has personal problems. It will a 5 member court including the Guild leader. The court members wll be random Rank member +. The guild leader will vote at the court only in case of a draw.


This character/guild has been categorised as inactive.

Don't get your hopes up in the sense of activity.

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