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Magwitch (An abusive nickname related to her magic use that stuck, her full name being Margaret Caevonic)

Physical Traits

5'10 tall, slim, attractive and dressed in the red robes of the Scarlet Crusade.

Race and Class

Human, Mage


Scarlet Missionary


Emmissary of the Scarlet Missionaries as Senior Preacher of the Stormwind Chapter, head of preaching and preachers there and editor of Scarlet News.




Magwitch is a life long member of the Scarlet Crusade having been bought up by members following her parents' death at the hands of the Scourge.

Criminal Record

Unjustly arrested once by goons of the Peoples' Militia.

Personal Notes

Fiery, articulate and a skilled rabble rouser. Magwitch is infamous outside of the mission as one of its' most radical public faces. Inside her order she is known as courteous and helpful and always willing to assist those of lesser seasons.

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