Hordecrest small.gif Mailann Shadowwalker
Image of Mailann Shadowwalker
Title(s) Master Apothecary
Gender Male
Race Undead Undead Human.
Alignment Lawful Evil
Affiliation Shadows of Lordaeron
Status Dead
Relative(s) Alezandra Shadowwalker (DEAD)

Background[edit | edit source]

Mailann was one of many who regain his indepedence when Illidan Stormrage assaulted the Icecrown. He joined forces with Sylvanas Windrunner on her campaign to destroy the dreadguards with the help of Varimathras. After the battle was won and Sylvanas took recidence beneath Lordaeron's main capital Varimathras created a new faction in the Forsaken ranks to use infiltration and get intelligence. The Idea was approaved by Sylvanas and Varimathras gathered the Forsaken's most skillfull soldiers who had some experience from their early life with this proffession. Varimathras called them "The Deathstalkers" and would be his elite bodyguards.

Mailann worked in Silverpine his first years as a Deathstalkers, spying on the recent Worgen activity and the soldiers of Dalaran. For beeing a zone so close to the capital, the reagent was in total chaos with Worgen defenders at the south, Scourge at the North, west and east and Dalaran troops slowly advancing from the southeast. It took serveral yers before the local military could establish a foothold in the regeant, even if the threat now days still exists, the strengh of the Forsaken presence is stronger.

The family of Shadowwalkers[edit | edit source]

Shadowwalker is a Forsaken surname, their real name was Eriksson in the human life, but Mailann changed that after he got revived by the Forsaken.

Father Andrem Eriksson (Killed by orcs just before the plague broke out)

Mother Linnea Eriksson (Killed by orcs just before the plague broke out)

Sister Alezandra Shadowwalker (Dead)

Sister Carinsa Shadowwalker (Unknown)

Brother Marcon Shadowwalker (Victim to the plague, have been seen as a Ghoul in Western Plaguelands)

Brother Anzetren Shadowwalker (Unknown)

History[edit | edit source]

Varimathras Betrayal[edit | edit source]

After the events of the Wrath gate, the reports came quickly to the Deathstalkers about Varimathras betrayal. All the Deathstalkers stationed in Tarren Mill and Silverpine answered the reports by assaulting their capital to put and end of Varimathras and Putress. However, as Varimathras knew all of the Deathstalkers tactics, the assault was meet with a slaughter. Only a handfull of Deathstalkers was able to retreat with their life. When Thrall and Sylvanas arrived outside the capital with a great military force. She instructed the remaining Deathstalkers to control the roads leading in and out from the Undercity to make sure that no more reinforcements comes to Undercity through the roads.

Battle of Undercity Aftermath[edit | edit source]

The great council of the Horde was furious with these events, it brought more suspessions that the Forsaken was unstable ally and steps needed to be taken. Most of the Forsakens organisations was put on hold. The Apothecary stood still, the Deathstalkers. No action were to be executed by them but to hold their current position and await further orders from their supreriors.

Even if Thrall had still faith in Sylvanas, most of the underline officers and soldiers wanted to slaughter every Forsaken. It was agree in the great council to make a bigger military presence in Undercity and sent Orc warriors to the Undercity till the Northrend campaign was over and Forsakens own military could return home. The Deathstalkers was able to do their work again, but they will answer to an Kor'kron Captain in the Royal Quarter.

Northrend effort[edit | edit source]

Mailann Shadowwalker was put incharge by Aleric Hawkins o a group of Deathstalkers to be stationed in Northrend and help the Horde on their war effort. They answer to the orcs and will make no solo operations without informing the orcs.

Disband of Deathstalkers & Fist of Vengeance[edit | edit source]

Mailann got new orders from his superior in Undercity to disband his group of Deathstalker for a new assignement. Mailann got promoted to High Executor and was put in charge of a new organisation called: Shadows of Lordaeron. After Mailann accepted his new assignement, he got word that the former Fist of Vengeance was disbanded by the Forsaken Council to join up on the organisation. Aragar, the former leader and High Executor of Fist of Vengeance was kept at his rank and joined with Shadows of Lordaeron. This organisation is the first to have two High Executor in the same group.

From Deathstalker to Master Apothecary[edit | edit source]

With the help of his sister, Alezandra. Mailann began to learn in the way of chemistry and science. With his sister help they made alot of progress in short period of time. With a family of known scientists, Mailann had the talent in his blood and proved himself worthy for the Apothecary Society. Mailann was promoted by Grand Master Faranell to Doctor Apothecary after he and his sister's accomplishment; "Shadow Oil". When Mailann became High Executor of the Shadows of Lordaeron, he requested to be granted a new title to be incharge of the Apothecaries in the Shadows of Lordaeron. This request was approved by Faranell and he became a "Master" Apothecary.

Death[edit | edit source]

After the Horde found out that the former High Executor Aragar was a member of a cult, the Horde was rather fast to put him out of the picture. And with the recent developement and the rate of disloyalty in the Shadows of Lordaeron, the Forsaken Council desided to kill Mailan aswell. They sent Rin Kalmore to put an end to his life. General Rin Kalmore went to the secret Apothecary lab in Northrend and Zul'drak. He took his blade and charged it into Mailann's stomach, and then he kicked him out from the balcony of the Necropolis.

His death was nessecary to keep the coming plague a secret, there was no clear evidence that Mailann would have been a traitor. But with the history of former Shadows of Lordaeron members, it was a risk they couldn't take.

Notable Friends[edit | edit source]

Morgus Crowley has been with Mailann since he formed a unit in the Deathstalkers and followed him later to Shadows of Lordaeron where he was promoted to Adjutant of the Deathstalkers by Mailann. Morgus Crowley soon left the Shadows to pursue own goals.

A close friend to Mailann during his human life. Mackus helped Mailann to get the best poison for his weapons to fight the enemy. The partnership continued when they both joined the Forsaken. When Mackus Bensson died, Mailann Shadowwalker embraced Mackus work of the Apothecary Society and became a member of it and has earned the rank of Master Apothecary with the help of his sister Alezandra Shadowwalker.

Mailann's sister who also was a victim to the plague. She joined the Apothecary Society after she was resurrected by Sylvanas Windrunner. Alezandra was a skillful Apothecary and helped his older brother Mailann to become a master in the art of chemistry and science. Alezandra died during a conflict with the Demon Lundstark Andholm.

Alor and Mailann meet on the battlefield during the Scourge invasion. They had a brief time to get and know each other, but in recent days they have started contact each other regular.

Notable Enemies[edit | edit source]

Lundstark was the murderer of Mailann's sister Alezandra. Even if Lundstark is dead, the hatred for his doing is still strong.

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