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Malaka'Jin is a small Horde outpost in the Stonetalon Mountains, just south of the Grimtotem Post. It houses a small community of troll hunters, who make a modest income by selling their catches to passing Horde adventurers and some shipping work to other outposts in central Kalimdor. The trolls of Malaka'Jin are also mounting covert attacks against the night elves of Stonetalon Peak, lead by the efforts of the Witch Doctor Jin'Zil yet the village has no guards.

The Warchief Thrall pointed Bamboochaa The Shadow Hunter, Overseer of the outpost since he was known to be a loyal friend to Hrisskar Doomforge, Chieftain of The Earthfury Clan who ruled over the Mountains until his dying day.

Now Torakk is chieftain and the local Clan still visit Malaka'Jin a lot.

As for Bamboo´Chaa, he resigned as overseer to move to the holy land of Stranglethorn.

History Edit

Malaka´Jin does not have a long history, but it is a refuge for certain trolls who wish to embrace their old ways once in a while.

The vicious Shadow Hunter Bamboochaa spent much time in malaka´jin during the time of his training and has chosen to build himself a hut there (sadly it was destroyed not long ago) along with a altar to worship the LOA God Dambalah and other great spirits.


Chaa by his Altar in Malaka´Jin

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