Physical TraitsEdit

Age: 18

Nicknames: Marl / Marly / Lysa

Eye color: Green

Height: 1,68 m.

Weight: 52 kg.

Birthplace: Searing Gorge

Motto: If you don’t ask, you don’t get ;)

Race and ClassEdit

Human Warlock


Father: Killed by Stormwind Guards

Mother: Killed by Stormwind Guards

Aunt & Uncle: Living in Dalaran

Cousin - Fedra: Missing


Marlysa was born on a rainy day in October in the Searing Gorge at the foot of the Blackrock Mountain. Her mother was wanted in Stormwind because she had killed four mages. Why is still not clear. She could escape and was heading for Darkshire. On her way she met a man at the Eastern Logging camps (Elwynn Forest), who wanted to travel with her, so they went to Darkshire together. In Darkshire they slept in the inn and made love every night. But then, on a misty winter day, six days after they were arrived in Darkshire, the guards of Stormwind found her. She could escape but the guards captured her husband. Nobody has ever seen him again.

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Her mother escaped to the Searing Gorge and could stay alive by killing animals. (She was one of the best Warlocks in Stormwind at that time.) When she saw that she was pregnant, she knew that she had to move to somewhere else, but she didn’t want to, until the baby was born. After eight months, on a rainy day in October, a girl was born in the middle of the Searing Gorge. She called her Marlysa. She couldn’t hunt with the baby so they had to move. They traveled a long, long time until they came in Kharanos. For a long time they lived very happily there.

On a warm summer day in August, when Marlysa was almost 7, the guards of Stormwind found her mother. Before she was burned on the pyre she yelled at Marlysa: “Find your aunt in Dalaran! She will take care of you!”. Marlysa’s mother stayed very calm when the guards put the wood on fire. She didn’t cry because she knew it was the best for her daughter. Marlysa was shouting and screaming at the guards, but they ignored her. Marlysa’s world collapsed, but she will never forget her mother’s last words: “I will always love you, Marlysa!”

Marlysa had to beg for food every day to stay alive. Some Dwarfs gave her money every day but they didn’t want to take care of her. By all, she was a Human. But then, on a cold winter morning in December, when Marlysa was 7, a man named Ryan saw her sitting in the snow. Ryan gave Marlysa some soup and bread in the inn, and after she had told her story to Ryan, he helped her to get in Dalaran. When they came in Dalaran after a long journey and found Marlysa’s aunt, she could stay after she had told her story. Marlysa thanked Ryan a thousand times and he disappeared on his horse. Her aunt also had a child. Her name was Fedra and she was Marlysa’s cousin. Fedra was 5 years older then Marlysa. But despite the age difference they played much together.

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When Marlysa was 12, Fedra was already 17. Marlysa wanted to know what Fedra was always doing outside the city walls, cause she was already going every day outside for a month. She followed Fedra and caught her when she was using Black Magic outside the city. When Fedra saw that Marlysa had seen her, she said that she would learn Marlysa a bit about Black Magic if she shut her mouth.

When Marlysa was 14, she already knew much about Black Magic and how to use it. Fedra had learn her a lot and was now trusting her very well. In September the Mages of Dalaran discovered, somehow, that Fedra and Marlysa where using Black Magic. They were banned out of Dalaran. A couple of days later, when Marlysa and Fedra were still hanging around Dalaran, the Archmages casted a spell around Dalaran that created a massive magical purple-hued dome around the city. (No divination spells can penetrate the dome to see what is going on within Dalaran. The mages are rebuilding Dalaran and possibly keeping some experiments at bay. Archmage Ansirem Runeweaver leads Dalaran and guards the safety of the dome stationed at the outdoors. Shield Watcher Morgensen maintains the magical dome and makes sure it stays up.) They couldn’t get in anymore, because there were patrols all the time, so they went to Stormwind. In Stormwind, Fedra took care for Marlysa another year, but then Fedra had some other things to. Marlysa didn’t know what or with who, but they had little contact. That’s when Marlysa’s powers grew much stronger. Usually she was hunting somewhere for animals to train her magic skills.

When Marlysa was 16, she joined the guild ‘Sanctum Eternal’. She considered the people of the guild as her own family. But after a while her other friends convinced her to join the brotherhood ‘The Dark Embrace’. There, she thought she was on her place. They learned her to use her powers more powerfully. But after a while, when she made some new friends outside the guild, she found out that she wasn’t really on her place. She started to travel all around the world. She stayed away for 6 months. Her powers grew, and also did her common sense. She finally discovered her true destiny…

When Marlysa traveled along Tanaris, she met some soldiers, all in white uniform. They were asked by Jaina Proudmoore to destroy the Pirate ships. Marlysa helped the soldiers and she was asked to visit their headquarter in Theramore.

Arrived in Theramore she met Kaijan Vaylor. After she was tested, she could join ‘Theramore Task Force’. She helped them with a couple of assignments.

After being some while in the guild, she began traveling again. She went away for 3 months. Her skills grew and so did her personage.

On her trip, Marlysa went past Dalaran. She didn’t know why, but she wanted to check if her aunt was okay. She hoped the people in Dalaran wouldn’t recognize her. If they would, she would have to run for her life. Or fight at least… When she saw the huge crater in front of her, she felt on her knees. She stayed there for a long time. All kinds of thoughts past through her mind. When she stood up again, she noticed the little hut that was built next to the crater. She went to the hut and knocked on the door. A man opened the door. All of sudden Marlysa was overwhelmed with the feeling of the man’s aura. She was convinced that the man came from Dalaran, but was left behind or something. She felt an enormous power inside of him. The man was very hospitable. He even gave her food and a place to sleep. His name was Tatrin. She figured out that Tatrin had some problems with controlling his Fire Magic.

The day after, Marlysa showed Tatrin some tricks. She didn’t know why, but she even helped him to use his Fire Magic in a more useful way. After she stayed a couple of days, and enjoyed the good meals Tatrin cooked for her, Marlysa offered Tatrin to become her follower. Tatrin accepted Marlysa’s offer, and so, Marlysa became the master and protectress of Tatrin.

Now that Marlysa is back, she'll take orders from Kaijan Vaylor and Jaina Proudmoore again.

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