Merwyn Lindor Morghani
Merwyn Lindor Morghani
Title: High Exarcha
Age: Deceased
Class: Elementalist
Race: Gnome, Essence Creature
Sexuality: Bisexual
Family Sasha Morghani (mother) †
Gratia Morghani (sister) †
Arlene Gromale (ex-wife)
Pets Dippy the Oozeling †
Liz the White Kitten
Professions Mining
First Aid
Techniques Perfect Elementalism
Shadow Transformation
Spoken Languages Common

Background[edit | edit source]

Early Years[edit | edit source]

Merwyn Lindor Morghani, originally, simply Lindor, is a special case. She has no parents; her "father", Mekgineer Thermaplugg, then a high ranking member of the gnome society, strived to create the perfect slave... or the perfect soldier. Either way, he failed. The only subject of Project Lindor "felt". Thus, she was disposed of.

She was dropped out of a gyrocopter above the Stranglethorn jungle. There, a troll named Sasha Morghani found her. She named her "Merwyn", and decided to raise her, even though she already had a daughter, Gratia. Sasha promptly forged a blood pact with her new daughter, so as to enable her to use the family's special power.

For several years, it was peaceful. The Morghani family lived as recluses, far away from society. No one could persecute Sasha for raising a foreign child. One day, a group of human and dwarf bandits came to pillage the Morghani homestead. Within minutes, a life's work was burnt to the ground. Sasha fell from a gunshot as she tried to protect her precious children. Fortunately, Gratia managed to escape - she continued to pursue her dream of becoming a shaman. However, she eventually perished during a bandit attack on the Crossroads.

The bandits, having mistaken Merwyn as a hostage, took her home, to Ironforge. Being surrounded by new people, all unknown to her, she became a recluse, and refused to communicate with anyone. Only one person managed to break through this wall between her and society - Arlene Gromale, Merwyn's future wife.

The Adventure Begins[edit | edit source]

Merwyn, after an argument with Arlene, left to live in Stormwind. With no money, weapons, or shelter, she was living from day to day - until the Stormwind Academy took her in. There, she trained in all aspects of combat, and found sword-and-dagger fighting to be the best suited to her style. She learnt to comprehend, write, and speak common and gnomish fluently, although she almost completely forgot about trollish as time passed.

Merwyn as a schoolgirl.

After she left the Academy for good, as a fully graduated student, she, again, lived from day to day, slaying bandits and monsters to make money for food and shelter. During these days, she heard a man looking for mercenary blades for his group, the Mercenary Alliance, a band of warriors specialized in taking care of contracts all over Azeroth. During her stay with the MA, she found a new family - then again, families aren't safe from arguments. Merwyn disagreed with many of her leaders' decisions, and despised some of her fellow mercenaries. Eventually, she voiced her concerns - this lead to her expulsion from the organization.

Soon after she left, however, she found House Shrawardine. Thinking of it as a more peaceful place to stay, without the disadvantages of being with a militaristic group, she quickly found Neromordekai through one of her friends, and with his help, joined the noble house as a servant. Still, due to arguments between the head of the house and her, she decided to leave. She quickly found and joined the Order of the Silver Sun, however, found it difficult to fit in, and left once again.

Descent into Madness[edit | edit source]

Soon after the unlocking these hidden powers, Merwyn found that she still wanted more. She seeked out the still alive, hiding members of her clan to find out how to summon the dead soul of her sister - who, in life, used to be a powerful elementalist. Gradually descending into madness, she finally came across the method - she did, however, have to massacre her remaining family. Using long lost relics of the Morghani, she merged the dead soul of Gratia with Tymos to create a stronger weapon. Later, she added the soul of Maenon, a crazy, clairvoyant warlock, and Hankoumaru, an assassin sent by a rival troll clan to destroy her, to her "collection".

One of Tymos' possible forms.

Since her discovery of her darker side, Merwyn learnt how to control her impulses, and retained her ability to socialize. She served under Lashela Alania as an Initiate of the Dark Embrace.

Light at the End of the Tunnel[edit | edit source]

Merwyn couldn't cope with the ways of the Faith, however. She kept trying to pacify the friction between his new and his old friends - with no luck. Similarly, she couldn't come to terms with her own desires - would she really hurt innocent people to gain more strength? She set up elaborate illusions to divert attention from herself, as she strived to preserve as many lives as she could.

After the Lakeshire massacre, she returned to the crime scene to tend to the wounded - as a way to "repent". As time passed, she realized that this state would only lead to more pain for both her, and her friends. She left the Embraced, and while she did know the dark order wouldn't just let her go, she felt relieved for the first time since what seemed to be like, forever. She joined up with Elizabetha, and together they have converted three Embraced initiates; Entriia, Kisun, and Ashana. They formed Redemptio Coronae, a group bent on destroying the Embrace.

After the plan seemingly succeeded, Merwyn once again left to join Kisun's new, forming group, the Shylock Blades, a gang which concentrated on criminal activities which benefit the poor and needy.

It Shines So Brightly[edit | edit source]

Merwyn enters the Sha'tari army.

After the re-opening of the Dark Portal, Merwyn immediately went to Shattrath as soon as she learnt of the naaru A'dal. She received a hurried training, and in less than a month, due to her proficiency with both melee combat and essence use, she became an Aldor Vindicator. As she was undergoing the harsh training regime, taking dangerous missions to destroy the enemies of the Aldor, and occasionally having talking sessions with A'dal, she became more and more fixated upon protecting her friends and destroying the Dark Embrace. This made an impact on her playful personality; her grim resolve wiped her eternal smile off her face, but only for a while - after her promotion to Exarcha and continuous successes, she reverted back to her old personality.

The Price of Power[edit | edit source]

Merwyn Lindor Morghani, exarcha.

The Aldor High Priestess, however, had bad news for Merwyn. Her body wasn't able to withstand her growing potential. Her health deteriorated from day to day, while she was frantically looking for a cure for her special disease. In the end, her fate was revealed to her by the High Priestess; he may choose to either die, or shed her body, living on in Azeroth as an ethereal spirit. Fueled by the desire to fight the Embraced, and protect her friends, she decided to live. With Richeron's help, she got the knowledge of using all the base essence types. Her body was consumed by the raging strength of her own power in front of Elizabetha and Richeron, as her soul escaped her decaying body to strengthen, and later, to return.

Remaining as a spirit obviously wasn't a pleasing state for Merw, so she used the research data recovered from Project Lindor, along with her own knowledge of essence science, and advice from several friends, to create a mechanism to effectively compress her power enough to make living possible. For this, a truesilver-gold-mercury alloy was to be used. The new body was grown in a way so the metal was fused with the living flesh, sharing it's properties with it, thus enabling Merw to keep fighting without getting sick.

Sunrise[edit | edit source]

After the destruction of the Shylock Blades and Kisun's disappearance, Merw was once again guildless. She came to know, from various sources, that Auburn, an old friend, was planning to revive the then non-existent, Order. Even though Auburn didn't carry out her plan, Deton, Stoen and Ciara managed to do so. Soon, Merwyn went to them, and re-joined the Order, renamed The Silver Sun. She acted as a leading figure for the small, but resilient group.

Sunset[edit | edit source]

As time passed, the power of the Embrace vaned - Lashela was gone, and Merwyn felt that her role as a protector was finished. Since she died once, her new body was held together by her powers which, seemingly as a direct consequence to Lashela's disappearance, began to fade. After her connection to the elements was severed, she finally entered the Nether quietly, to find rest, and to join her family. Later, Yannoru, her apprentice, the only scion of the Morghani, moved her belongings to her underground laboratory, which he permanently sealed.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • I use japanese to name items and characters - in-game, these are words from the trollish dialect the secluded clans (incl. Morghani) speak.
  • Merwyn used to have six shadows. Her own, one resembling a troll female (Gratia), three resembling human males (Tymos, Hankoumaru and Maenon), and one of a dwarf male (Rei'Kas). These were the shadows cast by the souls which resided in her blade, until the merger (see below).
  • She is the last surviving Morghani. She killed the last members during her search for her sister's soul. Gratia is merged with Tymos, Maenon and Hankoumaru, so she does not count as a Morghani.
  • As a spirit, Merw can only interact with the world via essence.

Romance[edit | edit source]

Arlene[edit | edit source]

Love blooms.

Merwyn's first love, a dwarf native to Ironforge who helped her fit into society after the death of her family. After spending several months together, Arlene started looking at other women - after Merw found out, she almost shot her with her own gun. She left to Stormwind shorty afterwards. In Merw's Mercenary Alliance years, Arlene showed up yet again, looking for the gnome. They reunited, and even married, for a short time - however, Arlene couldn't shed her own personality. After Merw had her moved to Moonglade during the first scourge invasion, she cheated on her yet again. They parted peacefully.

Lashela[edit | edit source]

While not loving her, Merwyn admires the Faith for her power, which she experienced and witnessed during her months with the Embrace. She respected her greatly and would have considered fighting her one-on-one an honor. Her disappearance, in the end, caused Merwyn to lose her powers, and die.

Ashana[edit | edit source]

After Elizabetha and Merwyn, with a joint effort, turned three members of the Embrace, Ashana one of them, a close friendship was forged between the gnome and the elf. Their relationship culminated in a one-night stand in the Park of Stormwind, watched by an unwilling Tribian. They remained close afterwards, but Merwyn was alienated from her by her fall. She respected her for her strength.

Ebonheart[edit | edit source]

A simple one-night stand which Merwyn initiated out of boredom. She remembered her adventure fondly, but doesn't think much of it.

Stoen[edit | edit source]

Merwyn's second, and most passionate, love. She met him back in her Shrawardine months, and continued to work with him during her first Order membership. He was one of the stronger incentives to leave the Embrace and try to right her wrongdoings. After leaving, she didn't approach him at first - after reuniting with the Order, she confessed her love to him. They were engaged at the time of Merwyn's death.

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