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Name - Merwyn Lindor Morghani

Title – Shirubaa no Denkou (Silver Lightning)

Age - Unknown, appears to have left her teen years behind recently.

Class - Rogue

Race - Gnome

Sex - Female

Sexuality - Bisexual

Appearance - Long, brown hair, large, green eyes, cute face. Usually wears dark clothing. She has a tattoo under her left eye, a silver hammer.

Known family members

  • Sasha Morghani, stepmother - Deceased
  • Gratia Morghani, stepsister - Deceased
  • Arlene Gromale, ex-wife - Currently living in Moonglade.


  • Dippy - Oozeling - Deceased
  • Skippy - Rabbit
  • Dipsy - Cat
  • Fluffy - Chicken
  • Blinky - Turtle
  • Slithy - Snake


  • Mining - Master
  • Cooking - Master
  • First Aid - Master
  • Fishing - Master
  • Engineering - Master

Jutsu (techniques) (Merwyn no longer requires handseals to perform jutsu, only concentration.)

  • Shurikenjutsu - Expert user of shurikens and kunais. (Throwing stars/knives)
  • Doton: Yusou – Earth element transportation.
  • Katon: Yusou – Fire element transportation.
  • Kage Henge – The Morghani family’s bloodline power. Shadow transformation.
  • Koushitsugan – Mineral eye. Can detect ores behind walls.


Merwyn Lindor Morghani, originally, simply Lindor, is a special case. She has no parents; her "father", Mekgineer Thermaplugg, then a high ranking member of the gnome society, strived to create the perfect slave... or the perfect soldier. Either way, he failed. The only subject of Project Lindor "felt". Thus, she was disposed of.

She was dropped out of a gyrocopter above the Barrens. There, a troll named Sasha Morghani found her. She named her "Merwyn", and decided to raise her, even though she already had a daughter, Gratia. Sasha promptly forged a blood pact with her new daughter, so as to enable her to use the family's special power.

For several years, it was peaceful. The Morghani family lived as recluses, far away from society. No one could prosecute Sasha for raising a foreign child. One day, a group of human and dwarf bandits came to pillage the peaceful farms on the Barrens. They came across the Morghani homestead, and within minutes, burnt it to the ground. Sasha fell from a gunshot as she tried to protect her precious children. Fortunately, Gratia managed to escape - she continued to pursue her dream of becoming a shaman. Fate is cruel, though - she eventually perished during a bandit attack on the Crossroads.

The bandits, mistaking Merwyn as a hostage, took her home, to Ironforge. Being surrounded by all these new people, she became a recluse, and refused to communicate with anyone. Only one person managed to break through this well-built wall - Arlene Gromale, Merwyn's future wife. She currently lives in Moonglade, recently divorced from Merwyn, during the first Scourge invasion.

Merwyn, after an argument with Arlene, left to live in Stormwind. With no money, weapons, or shelter, she was living from day to day - until the Stormwind Academy took her in. There, she trained in all aspects of combat, and found sword-and-dagger fighting to be the best suited to her style. She learnt to comprehend, write, and speak common and gnomish fluently, although she almost completely forgot about trollish because of this.

After she left the Academy for good, as a fully graduated student, she, again, lived from day to day, slaying bandits and monsters to make money for food and shelter. During these days, she heard a man looking for mercenary blades for his group, the Mercenary Alliance, a band of warriors specialized in taking care of nasty business all over Azeroth. During her stay with the MA, it became her brand new family - then again, there are no families without arguments. Merwyn disagreed with many of her leader's decisions, and despised some of her fellow mercenaries. Eventually, she voiced her concerns - this lead to a chain reaction, which gradually lead to her expulsion from the Alliance.

Soon after she left, however, she found House Shrawardine. Thinking of it as a more peaceful place to stay, without the disadvantages of being with a militaristic group, she quickly found Neromordekai through one of her friends. Still, due to arguments between the head of the house and her, she decided to leave. She quickly found and joined the Order, however, found it difficult to fit in, and left once again.

Merw also joined forces with Tymos, a spirit locked away in a blade.

Due to killing thousands of ooze monsters, she was able to unlock the Morghani family's bloodline power.

Soon after the unlocking of her hidden powers, Merwyn found that she still hungered for power. She seeked out the still alive, hiding members of her clan to find out how to summon the dead soul of her sister - who, in life, used to be a powerful elementalist. Gradually descending into madness, she finally came across the method - she did, however, have to massacre her remaining family. Using long lost relics of the Morghani, she merged the dead soul of Hankoumaru and Gratia with Tymos to create a stronger weapon.

An assassin sent by the Sugoi troll clan managed to kidnap her once - his name was Sugoi Hankoumaru - however, she defeated him, and made him her subordinate. He later passed away, and Merwyn seized his soul. He currently resides in her sword along with Tymos and Merw's sister, Gratia.


  • Merwyn uses a large amount of japanese words and sentences. In-game, these are a the words she can remember from the trollish dialect the secluded clans speak.
  • Merwyn has four shadows. Her own, one resembling a troll female (Gratia), and two resembling human males (Tymos and Hankoumaru). These are the shadows of the souls which reside in her sword.
  • She is the last surviving Morghani. She killed the last members during her search for her sister's soul. Gratia is merged with Tymos and Hankoumaru, so she does not count as a Morghani.

Tymos' background

Tymos is an ambitious, young enchanter - or, at least, he used to be. As any other enchanter, he was always pursuing new and better ways to enchance weapon and armor performance. For this, he stumbled upon a curious method - to infuse living souls with items.

The first experiments went well, however, Tymos wasn't satisfied. He only used the living essence of various beasts, but he wanted to see how powerful could a weapon become with the spirit of a humanoid being. And so he devised a plan to implant his own soul into an already strong sword, a Krol Blade. While Tymos was lives inside the metal, his body is being cared for by his servants, hidden deep in the Alterac Mountains.

Unsure what to do, Tymos had himself auctioned as a common Krol Blade by one of his aides. This is how he ended up with Merwyn, who was very enthusiastic to have a brand new sword. She, however, gained not only an excellent weapon, but a trusty companion.

He is currently unable to contact the outside world because of his merger with two other souls. Gradually, his old personality may fade, and Tymos could be lost forever, living on as Jin'eimaru.


  • The real sword is sealed inside a dark steel katana, to save power for both owner and weapon.
  • Jin'eimaru means shadow. This is a reference to Merwyn's extra shadows, which are cast by the sword's combined soul.
  • Under normal circumstances, Jin'eimaru's real form is awakened by the command "Hage". This means "Flay".
  • When Merwyn's using her katana's second level form (bankai, secondary release), Hankoumaru is extracted from it as a dagger, set ablaze. It's flame represents Hankoumaru's eternal feelings for his demonic lover, Heljuk.
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