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  • I never realised you gave yourself an eye back, cheater :p


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    • Yeah, was a wee event wherein Liz and Auburn went to Moonglade after the latter had sought for ancient ways to overcome that problem with the help of druids. Was pretty epic. :D

      And dang it's been long, Ent! *hugs*

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    • It has been an absurdly long ammount of time. Mad when I think how long really xD Still seems like yesterday sometimes the ol' gang. How do anyway? Still kicking about on SWC?

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    • Alas, no. Hardly been WoWing at all these past few months. Burnt out yet again. :P Ergo Skyriming instead, though not the online version, mind you. On occasion also driving lorries in Euro Truck Simulator 2. *LE GASP* Yes, me in a big, fat lorry, dragging cargo weighing 20 tonnes! Or thereabouts. But, hey, less troublesome than exorcising some half-daemon inbreed that's secretly also half a vampire (who'll hold you forever, Bella), a half-dragon and who's the daughter of some famous characters that've no reason or occasion to breed together. :D

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