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Minetha Ezra Nightingale

Now dead

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Ex-Paladin, Warrior.

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An aging pretty, redish brown haired, average-height human lady in her early-thirties.

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The Peoples' Militia

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Now dead

Commander of The Peoples' Militia

Superior Armoursmith

Ex-Lieutenant of the Army

Ex-Sailor on the White Maiden

Family Edit

Grew up as an orphan, so has no parents or siblings. Married to Arkaan Nightingale, whom she has a child with, Aurora Ezra Nightingale.

Background Edit

Born somewhere in the mountains of Elwynn, to unknown parents, she was bundled up and put in a small basket to float down a river into Eastvale. The basket was picked up by a small boy, who brought it to his mother, Emma Mastinton, who raised her as her own for a few months. She had named the child Ezra.

She brought the baby to the city of Stormwind to find it's parents, with the help of the City Census office. No missing babies had been reported, but she was forced to hand the baby over to the Orphanage.

She was trained to be a warrior, like the other Orphans, to fight and die for the alliance. A friendly paladin, Anrathon Panron, harbored Minetha, and thought her a few things about the Light and Blacksmithing. The Church Of Light (leading this "conspiracy" to train kids to be warriors) found out that Minetha knew this secret and sent the Anrathon to his certain death.

During her Orphanage times, she learned many important things, as lock-picking and robbery. She was given a master-key to Stormwind by her first boyfriend, a pirate by the name of Cregor.

Minetha followed Cregor and joined a fleet of pirates, aiding them with her fighting and her smithing. She returned to training after the boat sunk, and they were stranded on an island of The Barrens.

Minetha was trained more and became an excellent fighter. With a grasp of how to master the Light, when she and the others came of age and were sent to fight, she fought valiantly and constantly healed her friends. Her friends got away to safety, and Minetha was given a medal of honour, and her given the rank of Master Sergeant. Minetha was captured by orcs in a battle shortly after.

During her four year captivity with the orcs, she learned Orcish well, and befriended a Tauren Shaman, by the name of Spirithoof. When Thrall attacked Theramore to kill Admiral Proudmoore, Minetha was left in the ruins with Jaine Proudmoore. The Alliance demoted her to a Private, for "treason".

She joined the peacecore shortly after, and worked for a fulltime peace between the Horde and the Alliance for almost a year. During this time, she met her husband, and they fell in love and got married.

After their marriage, the two turned to more simple professions, Arkaan being a farmer and a stableman, and Minetha a blacksmith and a teacher. Minetha's and Arkaan's village's troops were called away and the village was left without protection. Minetha founded the Peoples' Militia with her husband and Lindon Wood, the head of the town - Eastvale Village.

They protected the village from multiple threats, until they were contacted by the town of Southshore, in Hillsbrad. The Militia then split in half, leaving Commander Wood in charge of the Eastvale sector and the two subordinates taking charge of Hillsbrad. Both were promoted, putting Commander Arkaan Nightingale as the head of the Militia.

During their time in Hillsbrad, a distress message was sent from Kul Tiras, from Lieutenant-Commander Minetha Nightingale's old shipmate. This time though, due to an injury she had suffered, she was left in Hillsbrad and promoted to Commander of the Peoples' Militia. Her husband took a few recruits and went to help on the island. He is still there to this day.

Then came The Evacuation due to The Great Threat, and the Peoples' Militia were urgently called to protect the streets of Stormwind, as the old Stormwind City Watch had disbanded. Commander Minetha Nightingale was put in charge of the Militia, and Commander Wood was "promoted" to Master, to take care of the more buerocratic side of matters.

The Master and Commander began another recruitment and have since that day been protecting the city of Stormwind.

All was well for 6 months, until a Scourge-invasion threatened the world. Minetha was summoned to help her old friends on Kul Tiras, and left Lieutenant-Commander Gawain Ravensword in charge of the Militia. She returned after a month, and lead the Militia again for a long while.

On the 23rd of October, on her return from Kul Tiras, after visiting her family, she was slaughtered by Diliamem Pentworth, Mestorath Seveyis and Esme Underwood, along with her husband Arkaan, her daughter Aurora, and their two envoys, Elyr Swiftmane and Sir Helmer Reyver.

((See The End Is Near.. for more information.))

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Now dead

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