Neutralcrest small Miraska Feathershoe
Title(s) Warrior
Gender Female
Race Dwarf
Class Warrior
Age 43
Alignment Lawful Evil
Occupation Engineering
Status Dead


The female that thinks there is no diffrence betwin if you are a woman or man. They can both fight and die as well. Miraska is the engineering freak that would change body parts just to become a bit faster or stronger.


Father: Jackar Feathershoe -Dead-

Mother: Felica Feathershoe -Dead-

Brother: Jackar Feathershoe

Brother: Angerak Feathershoe

Brother: Erdward Semmering

Sister: Felica Feathershoe -Dead-

Family BackgroundEdit

They have always been hunters and rogues ub the family, Miraska was the one and only that did take a diffrent path.


Her lief started in Kharanos where her parents where hunters, it ended shortly after when she started to travel outside her own homelands when she dident even see what was coming agaist her.

Physical Traits and Personal TraitsEdit

Crinimal RecordsEdit

She did have some records of assults of some mages and nobalmen.


Engineering was her lifes yoy, she could sit down for hours if not nights and just thinker with new and old things she did have.


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