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Nails Wicker

Physical Traits[edit | edit source]

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Occupation[edit | edit source]

Assasin and occasional advisor of the Forsaken Business Association

Family[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Greetings, I'm Nails, but most of you know me as the Mocker. In my lifetime, I spent my days doing human things... Can't really remember quite what it was, most likely it was a farmer. I grew up in the kingdom of Lordaeron, and truly died by the hands of an unknown Scourge knight's cold hands. Seeing that this happened during my very own (and thereby quite brutal)wedding, I have a little something to discuss with that Scourgeling if I ever find him...

  • Mocker remains silent for some time before continuing*

I actually eluded the slaughter that night, but my heart died when my wife was ripped apart by vicious ghouls. After wandering the tirisfal glades for several weeks, I finally succumbed to sickness and starvation.

  • once again Mocker takes a slight pause from the stortelling and does nothing for several minutes before moving on*

After I rose as a forsaken, I wandered the unfriendly lands of Azeroth for a long time before I was accepted among the family as a brother, and stays loyal as such.

  • Mocker orders another ale, and stays quiet for the rest of the evening.*

Mocker's loss of family and commitment was transmuted from depression, and into an outright zeal to protect his present family from being ripped apart just as his previous one was. He's using nothing short of all means necessary to do this, and he believes chivalry to be some new gnomish invention used to manipulate poultry.

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Personal Notes[edit | edit source]

Age: 80 years Years spent with the living: 76 years Years spent as undead: 4 years (I believe the timeline is still locked at 4 years after Frozen Throne) Mottoes: "You stab my back, and I'll stab yer's. Twice.", and "There's no point cheating if ye're not good at it." House: Underwood Interests: Leatherworking, protecting the family, revenge upon those who failed to defend him during the third war.

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